The Dinosaur Park Tenby is one of South Wales’ most iconic tourist destinations for families. Opened in 1994, this unique theme park themed around dinosaurs offers walking trails and an array of Jurassic-themed activities that has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

Now, 7 months since they started with InSynch – the results speak for themselves. Unique website visitors saw a significant increase, and their adverts reached thousands of internet users. Here’s how we achieved it.

Services Used:

Social Media Management

Geotargeted PPC Advertising

Website and Design Consultancy 

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Search Engine Optimisation

Our Aim:

The client joined a Total Digital Marketing package in February 2023 with the aim of driving brand awareness, website visits, and park visitor numbers as a result. We proposed geotargeted PPC advertising across google and meta and social media management, to help drive brand awareness.

To increase website visits, in addition to search engine optimisation services, we would provide website and design consultancy to ensure visitors of the website would want to visit the park.

The Results:

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with digital marketing, and our approach at InSynch is always bespoke for the client’s business and needs. That’s what makes our Total Digital Marketing packages so successful for our clients.

When it comes to marketing, perhaps the most important part is understanding your target customer – who they are, where they are, and how they make a purchase or a decision. This was essential for optimising the Dinosaur Park’s geotargeted PPC advertising for brand awareness.

For The Dinosaur Park Tenby, we advised them to reach parents, especially those on holiday and/or within travel distance to the park. We built an audience of parents of children of a certain age, in a radius of popular holiday parks and tourist towns around South Wales. On Google, we build ads specifically to target websites of parental interest, such as Mums Net.

Overall geotargeted PPC advertising successfully raised brand awareness. The Dinosaur Park have garnered over 400,000 impressions across Google’s display network. Using Meta’s platforms of Facebook and Instagram, the park garnered 44,000 impressions from parents.

We used a similar approach to their organic social media management  – who were they socialising and sharing media with? And were these people decision makers? For the client, their brand had to highlight how brilliant the park is for a day out, relating to parents on a social level. 

Search engine optimisation is an obvious choice for a strategy to reach people online. We carried out extensive keyword research for the client, to see what the majority of their audience was searching for online. We combined this research with website and design consultancy, advising the client of changes they could make that would encourage internet users to visit. Since February 2023, the client has seen 71,000 unique website visitors.

In conclusion, we assisted the client with a bespoke digital marketing consultancy package that achieved their goals to increase brand awareness and website traffic. 

What the Client Says:

“At The Dinosaur Park Tenby, our mission was to make our visitor attraction stand out in the vast digital landscape, amidst increasing competition.

From the moment we partnered with InSynch, their enthusiasm for our business was evident. They talked through our goals and challenges, crafting a comprehensive strategy that would elevate our online presence. Their approach was both professional and approachable, making the complex world of digital marketing feel not so daunting. 

The heart of our digital transformation was 2-fold; firstly, in the structured social media schedule that InSynch created. This plan not only captured the imagination of our audience but ensured our activity was consistent, helping to build relationships and to grow our audience. InSynch guided us with their advice on paid and organic activity, balancing our budget to maximize reach and engagement. Through geo-targeted paid advertising, we reached the right eyes at the right time.

One of the other successes of our collaboration was the implementation of geotargeted PPC Ads. InSynch’s expertise in this area was evident as we watched our website traffic increase from the beginning of this activity. The precision of their geotargeting strategy ensured that our message reached exactly the right people. In a world where digital landscapes can be challenging, InSynch have expertly guided us. Their friendly communication, depth of their insights, and their commitment to our success made us feel like we were truly evolving in the digital realm.

Our partnership with Insynch has been nothing short of transformational. Our website traffic has surged, our social media presence is growing every day and our brand visibility has risen.

If you’re seeking a digital marketing team that combines professionalism with a warm, friendly approach, we strongly recommend InSynch!”