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Accredited digital marketing course

Accredited Digital Media Marketing Strategy – Level 3

This is an accredited and internationally recognised course you can book through the form below. If you have secured funding towards this course, you must email us at to reserve your place.

Digital Marketing Strategy – 1 Day Fully Accredited Training

This comprehensive digital marketing strategy course offers an all-encompassing view of digital marketing, focusing on strategic planning, performance measurement, optimization, and customer conversion. It introduces the Total Digital Marketing methodology, covering its six core elements: Website, Measure, Improve, Promote, Engage, Cultivate, and Convert, illustrating how combining multiple strategies can yield maximum results. The course provides a deep understanding of Google Analytics for measuring performance, from understanding website statistics to identifying which reports are best for assessing marketing channel performance. Improvement strategies delve into conversion rate optimization and leveraging tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar for trend spotting and formulating hypotheses for website changes.

Participants will learn various techniques for business promotion and visitor engagement through digital platforms, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media. Techniques for remarketing advertising and email capture are also covered. The course elaborates on the importance of cultivating potential customers over time through strategies such as drip-feed emails, content marketing, and social media engagement. Finally, it tackles the challenge of converting browsers into customers, exploring common barriers to purchase or inquiry, and offering insights into understanding and measuring conversions.

Related courses: This course is part of the Total Digital Marketing methodology developed by InSynch ®. Delegates completing all four courses (Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing) will become accredited in Total Digital Marketing.

Duration and Delivery

1 day + Independent Study. Delivered online, face-to-face.

Who should attend the course?

This course is perfect for business owners, marketers, and individuals looking to validate their skills or earn a recognised accreditation in digital marketing strategy. Designed for beginners to intermediate learners who are adept internet and computer users, this course aims to equip attendees with a holistic understanding of digital marketing and learn the Total Digital Marketing Methodology.







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