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Digital Marketing Strategy for Managers and Small Business Owners

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A punchy, 90 minute session packed with tips and techniques along with a strategic approach for using Digital Marketing to achieve business goals.

Who should attend

Aimed at owners or managers, or those responsible for digital marketing in a business, this course will leave delegates feeling inspired, informed with the latest techniques and with a vision on how Digital Marketing can be used more effectively in their business.

A measured and strategic approach to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not about coming up with a list of activities, doing them all and hoping it works. Digital marketing is not about setting a budget for Google Adwords and seeing how many clicks you had. Digital Marketing in a business needs to be undertaken in a strategic way, measured and refined in order to get real business benefit.

Delivered by Eddy Webb from InSynch

“We work with businesses every day, using digital marketing to deliver measurable results. These sessions are so popular because they are based on our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We impart our real world experience and our trade secrets, leaving delegates buzzing with ideas!”

Subjects covered include:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Joining it all together – A digital marketing blueprint for success

How to measure what works. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t

Website Marketing

How to double the business your Website generates, without increasing traffic

Find out the optimum times for your campaigns

See your website in a new light – get it working for you

Five simple steps to getting found on search engines

Getting higher up the Google listings

How to find exactly what your customers are searching for

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