Do you want to be able to do more with your website?

Do you want some helpful hints to quickly edit your text and images?

Do you wish you had a basic understanding of HTML?

Our new Managing a Website – Web editing power tips & basic HTML course is aimed at helping you make changes faster and get more out of your website.

Many of our clients have common tasks to complete when editing their content. From linking your text and images to different web pages or even spacing between paragraphs looking different from your previous paragraph. You can spend an excessive amount of your time trying to fix small issues which should be done quickly and with little fuss.

On this course we run through hints to help you speed up your editing, techniques when coming up against unexpected problems which can occur and understanding and using basic HTML to resize text or changing the colour.

We also run through using image optimisation software to resize images to fit your pages and how to get the sweet point between quality and file size to optimise your SEO.

This course will help you speed up, get the results you want and make you feel more comfortable and confident in managing and using your website.

More information on the course and booking