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Project Description

InSynch were proud to be part of this local project. Being based in Aberystwyth, we understood the issues surrounding the shopping community. The traders of the Market Hall felt they were not heard, this was due to the lack of promotion.

We worked closely with Ceredigion County Council and Cynnal y Cardi. Their main aim of this project was to bring focus to the upper Darkgate Street, where the Market hall has now be relocated back to its original fully refurbished location.

From the beginning of the design process, it was clear to see that location was important, and that there were not enough passing customers.

This is why we carefully chose to alter the shape of the ‘A’ in the logo to match the outline of the clock tower, which is closely situated to the Market Hall. We used warm inviting colours throughout the brand identity, this was to draw customers in.

The marketing plan included promotional materials such as banners, leaflets and decorative materials such as bunting and feather flags, this giving the refurbished hall an overall identity and a sense of recognition.

The website was another key area, with a contemporary layout and personal pages for each trader within the hall, the website is highly informative and easy to navigate, this being available on all mobile devices and tablets. The trader pages also encourage users to share a trader page via social media.

Project Details

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