Project Description

Taste Trail Ceredigion is a group of 27 award winning food producers based in Ceredigion. The aim of the project was to promote these producers in a unique way. The idea behind the project was to encourage tourist, customers and food professionals to take a journey across Ceredigion and visit their most liked producers on the trail.

Our aims were to make this possible. The branding for taste trail was the key starting point, where the client suggested many key phrase such as, greens to depict the countryside, the fresh outdoors, needs to somehow show food and drink, no knives and forks. The logo takes the most common symbols of food (being the apple) and drink (the bottle) along with the letter ‘T’ being modified to make this shape. The logo also contains a bite mark, to emphasis on the point of irresistible foods.

This project was also driven through social media, therefore the logo needed to communicate on a small scale.

The interactive website is easy to navigate, with the ability to create a personalised trail for the user. The producers also needed the ability to edit their own producer page, this was made possible through a easy to use content management system.

The leaflet requirements were to include a list of each producer with their contact information along with a map. The leaflet also shows off ‘Ceredigion’ through its stunning scenery. The leaflet also contains a customised map of Ceredigion clearly showing the location of each producer numerically, thus making it easy for customers to follow and plain their own taste trail.


Project Details 

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