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Use paid adverts to to appear in a prominent search engine position

Pay Per Click Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) services such as Google Ads, Bing and Facebook, can be incredibility successful at bringing in business. However, too many PPC firms just focus on how many clicks they are getting and how much the cost per click is. We focus on how much business each campaign generates. Sounds obvious, and it is!  

Every month InSynch manages Google ADs campaign spends totaling many thousands of pounds for all types of businesses. We manage the campaign, optimise for the best results for the business and provide a complete service.

Pay Per Click management is often provided under one of our Total Digital Marketing packages. 


Why Try Pay Per Click Advertising with InSynch?

Not only do search engines offer organic search engine results when a search term is looked for, they also offer sponsored links to Websites that have paid for the privilege of being shown once a keyphrase has been entered. Termed “pay-per-click” advertising, this is an excellent and effective way for Websites to appear in a prominent position, on the front page of search engine results.

InSynch offers Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign services on Facebook and Google, whereby we manage on-line advertising campaigns for businesses. A business can specify what it wishes to spend, when it wants the campaigns to run and what service/product it wishes to promote – then leaves the rest to us.

Not only do we deliver the campaign on your behalf, we provide you with regular reports and updates on the number of impressions your advert has achieved, the click-through rate to the Website, average position in search engine results, average cost per click and conversion rates (impression to click through).

We also monitor the performance of the selected keyphrases and tweak the advert if required to ensure you get the best performance from your investment. Our advertising campaigns are conducted on Google and Overture, the most popular search engines used on the Internet..

How it Works

You tell us what you want to achieve, how much you want to spend and when you want the campaign to run. We do the rest.

The Service

We provide the following:

  • Optimal Keyword/phrase Analysis
  • Advertisement design
  • All liaison with Google
  • Regular monitoring, adjustments and
  • reporting
  • End of Campaign Report
  • A hassle free, effective service!

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