Add Text to your Social Media Images in Seconds!

pablo (16)

I deliver a lot of courses on social media and digital marketing and always give out tips and tricks as they come to me, even if they are not on the agenda for the course. Of the 100’s of people that have attended our courses this year, not one of them had heard about the two tools I am going to talk about here, and yet all of them want to use them now!

Adding text to your images, as I have with the image on this article, gives you an additional promotional edge when you are using them in social media.

Obviously you could get a graphic design package, open an image, crop it to size put a text block over the top and then export it ready for social media. That’s fine if you have the software, skills and time but there are tools out there that make this task very simple and quick.

In this article I will let you know the two tools we use the most and at the end, a couple of important tips on using images in social media.

Here are two of the image tools we use the most. Continue reading “Add Text to your Social Media Images in Seconds!” »