Oversubscribed Course – We have a problem! 60 Bookings

As some of you may know, we decided to run our DIY Digital Marketing Course for Small Businesses in Cardigan. We are now fully booked with an incredible 60 delegates and are only accepting people onto a waiting list. I thought it may be interesting for some people to know what we did to achieve this very cheaply.

We had a low budget for marketing and so decided to steer away from newspaper adverts and direct mail by post.

The plan was to undertake the following marketing activities: Continue reading “Oversubscribed Course – We have a problem! 60 Bookings” »

Stop using Social Media for Business and go and do something more useful!

You may think this is a bizarre statement coming from a company that offers social media services and training courses! I actually start most of my social media courses with a discussion around this point.

I talk to many businesses every week about digital marketing strategy and there are a couple of common themes when it comes to social media. I hear people say things such as “my colleague says I need to get on Twitter to promote the business” or “I know I have to start using social media for business more”.

I question both of those statements. You should not be going on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook just because everyone else is. It isn’t something that you HAVE to do. The reason you would go on Facebook or Twitter is because it is building your business, generating leads, communicating with customers. What is the point in putting endless posts on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter, unless it is actually working for your business? Do you even know if it works or do you just keep posting and tweeting because you think you should? Do you measure the success of your social media activities? Continue reading “Stop using Social Media for Business and go and do something more useful!” »