Black Mountains Smokery – Digital Marketing Case Study



Business Name: Black Mountains Smokery

Project: Use digital marketing to improve website sales and build greater brand awareness.

Owner: Jo & Jonathan Carthew

Location: Crickhowell, Powys


Description of the business: Black Mountains Smokery is a family-run gourmet food business based in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. Their award-winning smoked foods are carefully sourced from British suppliers and traditionally cured and smoked at their smokehouse in Crickhowell.

Interview with Jo:

InSynch: Why did you decide to use InSynch to help you with digital marketing?

Jo: I originally came across InSynch on an Excel course many years ago and found Eddy to be particularly practical and approachable; excellent at demystifying technology and very intuitive about the relevance and application of technology to each specific business involved on the course. Since then we have done various e-marketing courses and most recently full in house digital marketing consultancy including social media, analytics and web optimisation

InSynch: What did you hope that the digital marketing would do for your business?

Jo: We use Digital marketing to promote our business and to drive more business more to and through our website.  Use of Google Analytics enables us to refine our marketing and web optimisation effectively.  Digital marketing enables us to be more in touch with our customers thus strengthening our brand.  Our social media pages present a less formal profile of our brand alongside our web site and encourage conversation with and feedback from our customers. 

InSynch: How are you promoting your business at the moment?

Jo: We have a comprehensive, well optimised website which we promote through our monthly e-newsletter alongside Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Pinterest pages.  We also attend many markets and food festivals where we promote our brand and the taste of our food (sampling) face to face – again driving business to our website.  Every parcel and gift we send has serving advice and a link back to web site and phone lines.

InSynch: Are there any lessons that you have learnt about the online marketing of your business? What advice would you give to others?

Jo: Marketing and selling online is a wonderful thing – especially these days when there is a growing interest in provenance.  It enables one to promote a brand in a very genuine and honest way.  However what we have learned is that you can have the most beautiful web site – but that is not enough to be an online business.  That website has to offer something that the consumer wants, it needs to be well optimised in order to be found and it has to be easy to use. Social media conversations, reviews and conversations enable a business to review what it is doing and respond accordingly.

InSynch: Are you having any ongoing work done by InSynch, and why?

Jo: We now use InSynch for all our web care.  As part of this we have consultancy sessions twice a year which generate effective digital marketing to do lists for both InSynch and for our in house work.  We also generate wish lists, always looking forward to future developments and therefore able to budget accordingly.

InSynch: And finally, Have you seen an improvements in your business since you have started working with InSynch?

Jo: Absolutely – but we have to do our bit too!

InSynch: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Jo:  We have gradually handed over more and more of our web care and digital marketing to Insynch because we have always received good service along with up to date, business specific, trustworthy advice.  I no longer need to panic when there is a digital drama – they are always at the end of a phone or email.



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