ethicalWARES – Digital Marketing Case Study



Business Name: ethicalWARES

Project: Use digital marketing to improve website sales and build greater brand awareness.

Owners: Denise & Mike

Location: Felinfach, Ceredigion


Description of the business: Ethical WARES is a long established Vegan e-commerce site, supplying quality non leather footwear and accessories and Fair Trade clothing to customers all over the world.

Interview with Denise & Mike:

InSynch: Why did you decide to use InSynch to help you with digital marketing?

Denise & Mike: We came across InSynch online and as a local company we went along to meet them. We were immediately struck both by the wide range of IT and marketing skills they offered but also by their friendly and informal approach.

To be honest, until we came to InSynch, we thought that digital marketing was something that other companies did rather than us!

InSynch: What did you hope that the digital marketing would do for your business?

Denise & Mike: Digital marketing was something we had long thought we should be getting to grips with, but before InSynch we had never met the right people to move us forward in this respect.

It’s something that if you don’t use, you will be left behind by your competitors.

InSynch: How are you promoting your business at the moment?

Denise & Mike: We’re doing a lot more on Facebook and Google Adwords with Eddy which is going well.  We’ve also moved to a monthly e newsletter which is gathering steam.

InSynch: Are there any lessons that you have learnt about the online marketing of your business? What advice would you give to others?

Denise & Mike:  There’s a lot of people who say they can ‘do’ digital marketing for your business, and there is a lot you can do for yourself.  But, there are so many companies using this tool now we’ve come to recognise the importance of getting professional help and guidance otherwise you will run the risk of getting lost in the crowd.  We strongly feel that InSynch have hugely raised our profile in this respect.

InSynch: Are you having any ongoing work done by InSynch, and why?

Denise & Mike: Well, apart from the bigger projects, we have come to really appreciate and rely on the day to day help we get from InSynch – it makes a huge difference.

And we’ve just started planning a major re-vamp of our website which we are really looking forward to.

We’ve been trading for 23 years now and it’s important we continue working with InSynch to keep our appeal looking as fresh and up to date as we can, and keeping up to speed with the latest technology and marketing techniques.

InSynch: And finally, Have you seen an improvements in your business since you have started working with InSynch?

Denise & Mike: We’ve developed a much more professional approach (we hope) generally pretty much in all respects.  This has led to an encouraging increase in our turnover.

InSynch: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Denise & Mike:  We’re always astonished by the level of skills and expertise InSynch offer from a small team – we can’t speak highly enough about them.


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