NEW Website launched for Teithiau Tango

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Teithiau Tango offer unique, specialised tours to Welsh Patagonia and the whole of Latin America. Teithiau Tango have created these tours with years of expertise, ensuring that you get the best possible experience. Continue reading “NEW Website launched for Teithiau Tango” »

NEW Website Launched for Dolhaidd Mansion Holiday Cottages

The New Website for Dolhaidd Mansion Holiday Cottages
The New Website for Dolhaidd Mansion Holiday Cottages

Dolhaidd mansion offer Self-catering holiday cottage accommodation in West Wales. Set in 25 acres of beautiful pasture within a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Continue reading “NEW Website Launched for Dolhaidd Mansion Holiday Cottages” »

Football Clubs and their invariably terrible websites

blog 3This is the third post by our guest blogger, Owain Evans

As an avid football fan, it’s a daily occurrence for me to visit websites and apps to keep up-to-date to all the latest news. Being an Arsenal fan, is my usual destination with BBC Sport and Sky Sports being other well-visited sites. But recently, I found myself wondering what other clubs’ websites look like, so I did some research. The results were truly shocking… Continue reading “Football Clubs and their invariably terrible websites” »

The Social Media boom: How youngsters react and adapt

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If you were to go back 10 years and ask a member of the public: “Do you have a social media account” they most likely would’ve responded with: “A what?”

Such has been the rise of social media that it is now an essential part of many people’s lives. 10 years might not be that long a period of time in the grand scheme of things but the rise in people who use social media has been astronomical due to networks such as Facebook, Twitter and sites like MySpace and Bebo in the earlier days. For example, in 2005, Facebook had 1 million monthly users, in 2006 – 6 million and so on it grew year-by-year. Fast-forward 10 years to the first-quarter of 2016 and that number had risen to 1.654 billion users!

In this article I will be taking a look at the evolution of social media and specifically young people’s use of it. Continue reading “The Social Media boom: How youngsters react and adapt” »

Beware of WordPress Website Farmers!

I saw something yesterday that saddened me…. and I had to write about it. A business I know had a new Website developed. It was developed by another company and not by us. No, that isn’t what saddened me. I will come on to that. I understand that we can’t win every contract to work with a business. We win more than we lose but I don’t mind if we don’t get to work with every company.

What saddens me is what this respected and long running, healthy business has been left with as a Web presence…. Let me explain….. Continue reading “Beware of WordPress Website Farmers!” »

5 other Social Networks you could be using to promote your business


This is the first post by our new guest blogger, Owain Evans

Facebook and Twitter dominate the online promotion world with Facebook’s worldwide audience of 1.6 billion and 32 million users in the UK alone, it is by far the most dominant platform for online promotion. The same can be said for Twitter’s estimated 350 million worldwide and 15 million UK users. The potential audience on these websites is enormous and they are therefore used by most businesses these days to reach customers, but what about other networking sites? Although user numbers on some other networks might be smaller they can be equally effective in promoting your business when used in the right way. In this blog I will be taking a look at 5 other social networks you could be using to boost your business in this ever-changing field of advertising.

Continue reading “5 other Social Networks you could be using to promote your business” »