Twitter Now Lets You Do More With 140 Characters

While Twitter might not be for everyone, Businesses that do use it are sure to have found frustration when adding an attachment, image or video that takes the post over the 140 character limit. This usually leads to shortening sentences, removing punctuation or spending time thinking of a shorter word that will work instead of another.pexels-photo-58639-large Continue reading “Twitter Now Lets You Do More With 140 Characters” »

Why I ‘love’ Google Analytics and you should too!

More than 95% of business owners barely look at Google Analytics. Are you one of that 95%? Or are you one of the informed 5% that is getting real information about your business and how it is performing online?

I was looking at the numbers of people booked onto my Google Analytics course running later this week and was surprised (well not entirely), to see that there were places left on the course. Sometimes it frustrates me that businesses are so blinded by the trend to use social media to solve all marketing problems…. that they ignore the fundamentals.

Are you one of the ones missing out?

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Get the most out of your Digital Marketing

With our Total Digital Marketing packages, we always try and make sure that our clients are getting the most of their work time. Sometimes this can just be changes to the website, suggestions over email and the phone, or a big campaign for your business.

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Not all websites are created equal..

website-buildingEvery month businesses come to us for Website Development, each with a specific idea of what they want their new website to achieve and how it will help them grow their business, Having offices in England and Wales our clients vary massively. Continue reading “Not all websites are created equal..” »

Is Your Website Developer Lazy?

Yes, your website is mobile friendly, but is it desktop friendly?

With mobile users still on the rise, web developers are trying to stay ahead of the game with a ‘Mobile First’ approach, this in terms means that the user interface and layout on a mobile is built first and any screen sizes larger than this would adapt and expand into more columns.

This concept is good, however we often see this being used too literally by some developers and the desktop user experience is left neglected and reflecting what a user would expect to see on a mobile. It is important to create a separate theme for desktop users. Continue reading “Is Your Website Developer Lazy?” »

How To Get Your Visitors Back

Remarketing is a tool that big and small businesses alike use to get customers to come back to their website. It keeps what they have previously looked at online in the back of their minds, and incites them to come back to the website.

Have you ever looked on Amazon for a look at a new cooling fan for your room, and days later you notice the cooling fan is being advertised on websites as you go, following you around that internet? That is Remarketing.

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Will your customers find you?

It is true that Search Engine Optimisation has a mixed reputation in Digital Marketing. Every day I receive emails telling that my Website could be at the top of Google if I undertook search engine optimisation. It tickles me that they would be sending this to a company who undertakes search engine optimisation for 100s of companies. Obviously it is automated spam but it does give search engine optimisation a bad name.

There are lot of sharks in the industry, promising top positions but doing very little. However, it is the smaller Website developer companies that do the most damage. They say that they include Search Engine Optimisation in the price of a Website but sadly this is extremely limited in scope and usually extends to stuffing lots of keywords in hidden areas (NB Search engines have practically ignored Meta Keywords for over a decade….) Continue reading “Will your customers find you?” »