Are you just analysing clicks in Google Ads (Adwords)?

If all you do when you’re going onto Google Adwords is to have a quick look at the number of clicks/traffic to your site then you really aren’t getting the best out of this very powerful system.

This may seem the quickest way to find out whether the cost of Adwords is bringing you in traffic, but does it tell you how useful this traffic is, where to improve and where to perhaps add or reduce your budget?

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New One-to-One tailored training

Attending group courses suits many people but for some they get the most value when able to sit down with an expert in a subject and get hands on tailored one-to-one training.

We have been delivering these sessions for many years now but not everyone knows they can access it.

Tailored One to One Training

Short and focused sessions, with an expert trainer, giving you the skills that you specifically need.


  • A training session customised to suit your needs
  • Learn valuable skills, at your pace
  • Ask specific questions, relating to your business
  • 100% of the time is spent on your training needs
  • Tap into expert ‘real world’ advice on digital marketing

NB – Training sessions can be for up to 3 people from your organisation. Prices are based on delegates coming to our offices for training. We can train on site – simply ask for a quote.

One to one Training Sessions

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5 Google Analytics Reports you must see

Hopefully you have Google Analytics on your site and can see exactly how much business each of your marketing activities are generating? If you don’t have much time to check then in this article I will show you my 5 favourite reports.

If you are unsure if you have Google Analytics on your site then you could use to see if it is installed and on every page. If it is then contact your Web developer to get access. If it isn’t, Google Analytics is free and doesn’t take long to install.

My 5 go to reports are as follows:

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