5 Google Analytics Reports you must see


Hopefully you have Google Analytics on your site and can see exactly how much business each of your marketing activities are generating? If you don’t have much time to check then in this article I will show you my 5 favourite reports.

If you are unsure if you have Google Analytics on your site then you could use www.gachecker.com to see if it is installed and on every page. If it is then contact your Web developer to get access. If it isn’t, Google Analytics is free and doesn’t take long to install.

My 5 go to reports are as follows:

1. Real-Time : Overview

Shows who is on the site now and where they are. I look at this when I have just sent an email campaign. It is useful and also entertaining (if you are into digital marketing)


2. Audience : Mobile : Overview

A great place to see how many of your visitors are on a mobile, tablet or desktop and more importantly, how they use the site in comparison to those on a desktop.


3. Acquisition : All Traffic : Channels

It isn’t long after sitting down with a client to look at their stats that I end up on this report. It tells me very quickly what marketing they are doing and most importantly what is working!



4. Behaviour : Site Content : All Pages

From here you can see how many times your pages have been seen, how many times they were entrance pages and also which pages are your highest exit pages. If you can spot the pages where people are most likely to leave, you can try to change the text or images and inspire people to stay on that page.


5. Conversions : Multi-Channel Funnels : Assisted Conversions

People seldom go to a Website and make a purchase or enquiry straight away. They may take several visits that could have come from emails, Facebook or Google Ads. This report shows those unsung heroes in your marketing that assisted by sending traffic but another source of traffic claimed credit as the final conversion point.



Once you have found a report you like, don’t forget you can set up monthly reports to be emailed to you.

How can we help?

Google Analytics should form a very important part of your marketing strategy. We can help you with this in one of the following ways:

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