How to Create Automated Google Analytics Reports by Email

On most courses I run about digital marketing, I ask how many people access their Website statistics. I would say that in a room of 100 businesses, only around 20 monitor their Google Analytics Website Statistics. Of that 20, only a few will monitor their Google Analytics on a regular basis. The reason usually given is time. In this article we show you how easy and quick it is to set up reports to be sent to you by email each month. Continue reading “How to Create Automated Google Analytics Reports by Email” »

Hit the Ground Running with Total Digital Marketing Plus




We are excited to launch our new Total Digital Marketing Plus packages!  With more and more clients joining our Total Digital Marketing plan each month, we have added a new option for each package. Our new Plus packages will allow clients to receive even more focused digital marketing consultancy and services when they first team up with InSynch.

As a results driven organisation, we want our clients to promptly see the benefits of digital marketing, therefore having more time and attention spent on your digital marketing strategy at the beginning is advantageous.

Total Digital Marketing Plus is available on all of our current packages, but will allow for 50% extra time for the first three months to enable businesses to hit the ground running. We want your business to see Total Digital Marketing Success.

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We are Celebrating our 12th Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 12th anniversary today! InSynch was formed on February 10th 2005. As co-founder of the company originally, I recall those nervous first weeks when we waited to see if we had secured a large EU funded contract that would set us up for the next few years. We did win it and have never looked back.

We have changed as business considerably over the years. Mind you, so has technology and online marketing methods.

AT77C104_iPAQ_hx2750_005In February 2005, Facebook was just a small experiment. Twitter had yet to be invented. The launch of the first iphone was some 2 years away…. However, I did have my HP iPaq which had fingerprint log in! Yes its true, logging in with your fingerprint is not new technology….

Our clients

995690_10152887971155720_1083068682_nIn the first 3 years, we provided advice and support to businesses that was funded exclusively by Government and European funded projects. We had a team of 9 IT/Business consultants that worked with over 700 businesses over a 3 year period.

We started providing training in October 2005. Have a look at this poster promoting our tourism the e’factor training events over 11 years ago! Tourism specialism and training were to become strong elements of our business.

Since then we have worked with literally 1000’s of clients. Some of them for almost all of the last 12 years. I have seen businesses blossom, people retire and sell on their business and people gradually adopt digital technologies in their business.

Changing times

All of the staff at InSynch will say that they learn something new every day. Technology is constantly evolving.  As we work with so many clients, we have a vast pool of experience in business and the application of technology to make businesses succeed.

Thank you to all of our clients that we have worked with over the years and thank you too to all of our loyal staff.



photo credit: andre.m(eye)r.vitali Out of the Fridge via photopin (license)

The ONE place in Google Analytics you should look at

Before we start work on any Website, Google Analytics is the first place we look to ascertain how a Website is working, what digital marketing activities are being undertaken and what is working.

I run a lot of Google Analytics courses and 121 sessions with businesses looking at their Website stats. Most people are amazed with what can be learnt in just a few minutes. Very often, when I meet a client for the first time, I don’t have long to look at there Google Analytics and so I go straight to just one of the hundreds of available reports… Continue reading “The ONE place in Google Analytics you should look at” »

Why I ‘love’ Google Analytics and you should too!

More than 95% of business owners barely look at Google Analytics. Are you one of that 95%? Or are you one of the informed 5% that is getting real information about your business and how it is performing online?

I was looking at the numbers of people booked onto my Google Analytics course running later this week and was surprised (well not entirely), to see that there were places left on the course. Sometimes it frustrates me that businesses are so blinded by the trend to use social media to solve all marketing problems…. that they ignore the fundamentals.

Are you one of the ones missing out?

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