Are you just analysing clicks in Google Ads (Adwords)?

If all you do when you’re going onto Google Adwords is to have a quick look at the number of clicks/traffic to your site then you really aren’t getting the best out of this very powerful system.

This may seem the quickest way to find out whether the cost of Adwords is bringing you in traffic, but does it tell you how useful this traffic is, where to improve and where to perhaps add or reduce your budget?

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How To Get Your Visitors Back

Remarketing is a tool that big and small businesses alike use to get customers to come back to their website. It keeps what they have previously looked at online in the back of their minds, and incites them to come back to the website.

Have you ever looked on Amazon for a look at a new cooling fan for your room, and days later you notice the cooling fan is being advertised on websites as you go, following you around that internet? That is Remarketing.

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