How to Schedule Tweets from within Twitter

Schedule Tweets through Twitter

Did you know it is possible to schedule Tweets on Twitter without using a third party service like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite? Twitter doesn’t make this obvious or advertise that you can but the feature is there. I have used Hootsuite in the past but to be honest, unless your job involves a huge amount of social media work, it is just overkill and sometimes annoying with the number of constant notifications.

Why schedule posts?

Twitter works best when it is live, fresh and reactive to the day’s events. However, there are times when you have some content to get out there and you intend tweeting it straight away, later in the evening and also over the next few days. This is where scheduling can work well for you as part of a Digital Marketing Strategy.

There is more engagement with brands at the weekends and in the evenings so unless the timing is right, you may be wise to schedule in advance.

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The Social Media boom: How youngsters react and adapt

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If you were to go back 10 years and ask a member of the public: “Do you have a social media account” they most likely would’ve responded with: “A what?”

Such has been the rise of social media that it is now an essential part of many people’s lives. 10 years might not be that long a period of time in the grand scheme of things but the rise in people who use social media has been astronomical due to networks such as Facebook, Twitter and sites like MySpace and Bebo in the earlier days. For example, in 2005, Facebook had 1 million monthly users, in 2006 – 6 million and so on it grew year-by-year. Fast-forward 10 years to the first-quarter of 2016 and that number had risen to 1.654 billion users!

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