How often should you refresh your Website?

I can guess the age of your Website!

49fdb2eae6a8609b905d45d3d3b4b864c021f7f5Well, at least to within 1 or 2 years…. I have been looking at Websites now as part of my work for almost 20 years now and I have seen them evolve dramatically over that time. From basically pure text Websites with a few blurred images, through to all singing and all dancing sites with slick moving graphics and videos. Take a look at this screen shot of the BBC Website in the year 2000. Pretty basic I think you will agree but at the time it was actually quite advanced. The thing is that you don’t really notice the transition from one to another too much. There are gradual changes over the years and we quickly get used to the new version. Continue reading “How often should you refresh your Website?” »