Our Total Digital Marketing Service continues to grow and bring on businesses who are ready to start to reap the benefits of Digital Marketing by taking a complete and strategic measured approach.

One of the reasons for the success of Total Digital Marketing from InSynch is how we mesh in with a company’s current resources and offer services to match perfectly with what is needed.

Take email marketing for example, which is very often a key tool for success in many businesses. We work with businesses on email marketing at different levels.

Real examples of how we work with clients on email marketing:

Client 1: Complete Service. After an initial discussion about content, we do literally everything from writing the content, designing the email, sending it to the database and reporting on results. This works well for this particular client

Client 2: Template design and Training. Initially we created a brand new template for this business. We then trained staff how to create emails in house, leaving them empowered so that they could create their own campaigns in future. Every time they send an email, they send it to us first in case we can offer any advice on how to improve it.

Client 3: Refinement and Consultancy on Emails. This client has an in house resource with the time and skill required to send emails. However, when we first worked with the company we realised that there were some fundamental errors being made. We helped the company refine their emails and give consultancy on how to get more out of each email. Very often doubling the sales generated!

Email Marketing is just one aspect of our holistic approach to Digital Marketing. Businesses sign up to a monthly package with us and we work together to bring results from marketing online.

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photo credit: Joe The Goat Farmer 3 Marketing Strategies You Have Never Heard Of via photopin (license)