Social media marketing is undoubtedly becoming an essential tool for any business. We have achieved great success in the acquisition of relevant traffic and most importantly conversions for many of our clients on our Social Media Marketing Packages. That being said, it’s a common misconception that a few posts now and again will definitely lead to an increase in conversions. The truth is, without developing an organised strategy it’s unlikely that you’ll see great success.

Below are a few reasons why a strong social media presence is important and some tips to help you get the best from it.

Brand Development                                         

Don’t get me wrong, great content should be relevant and focused around your products and services, but it’s also important to let your people know who you are and show your organisation’s personality. This almost always increases engagement and works well to remind your current clients why they’re fond of you.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Facebook boosted posts not only allow you to reach more people, you can also directly target who sees your content down to exact locations, job titles and specific interests. You don’t need to spend much to reach your target audience and the traffic coming through is more likely to convert, as they fit the specifications of your potential customers.  There are hundreds of other Facebook Advertising strategies that can be used once you are used to Boosting.


Depending on the nature of your business depends on how often you should be posting, there is such a thing as over doing it. But consistency is essential in ensuring that firstly, your business has a professional and up to date social media presence. Secondly, it serves as a constant reminder to your current customers and keeps them up to date with latest products and offers. And thirdly, it prompts those potential customers that know who you are, but aren’t ready to purchase from you yet.

Scheduled Twitter Posts

One of the trickiest hurdles with promoting on social media is actually finding the time to push your content out there. Using Twitter, you can schedule all of your tweets ahead of time and set them to the exact date and minute you want them to publish. This becomes really handy in ensuring that organised, structured posts go out exactly as and when you need them to, not just when there’s a window of time in your busy schedule. This is completely free and available by accessing Twitter Ads without the need to spend a penny on advertising.

Scheduled Facebook Adverts

When creating a Facebook campaign you can schedule the date you would like the advertisement to run from and exactly how much you want to spend per day. This is a fantastic tool for marketing an event or offer that has an expiration date, as you can pre-plan precisely when you want the campaign to end in advance. In addition to this, Facebook also allows you to choose a specific time of day that people see your advertisement, so if your target audience are more likely to engage with your content in the late afternoon, that’s when they’ll see you.

Establishing Credibility

Having a prominent existence on social media keeps you ahead of many of your competitors who aren’t doing the same. If you’re proactive in reaching your audience with content that is useful and relevant to your business, people are more likely to communicate with you in the assurance that they will receive a quicker response. Whatever trade you’re operating in, a substantial portion of your target market will be avid users on a social network, so it’s important you show that you care about customer service by monitoring and responding to queries or comments.

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