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Transform your Social Media approach and reach new audiences with our Influencer Marketing package

If you’re looking to build your online presence, target new audiences and drive traffic to your website, Influencer Marketing is for you. We’ll work collaboratively throughout the whole process, within our Total Digital Marketing packages.

What’s Included In Our Influencer Marketing UK Service?

The term Social Influencer Marketing is thrown around a lot in the marketing world but without any real context, our method is designed to demystify the term and show you how influencer campaigns can transform your social marketing strategies, maximise engagement and boost your brand’s awareness.

By trusting in us, we’ll find your perfect influencer match and create a campaign to showcase your product or service to their online community. We’ll manage all communication, design your PR information pack, actively engage with captured audiences and re-purpose all content created for use on your social platforms and websites.

The industries which have found the most success using a Influencer Agency UK include; Hospitality, Tourism, Retail, Sports, Food and Drink.

“InSynch have been instrumental in helping us attract visitors from Social Media, bringing in over 120,000 visitors to our website”

Bob Van Mook — Award Medals

Expand Your Reach With Bespoke Social Marketing Strategies

You may be asking, what are the benefits of including Influencer Marketing in our Digital Marketing UK strategy? Check these out!

  • Boost brand awareness in targeted communities.
  • Drive engagement and traffic to your own social channels and website.
  • Humanise your brand – consumers often buy from people rather than a faceless brand.
  • Reach new communities and audiences.
  • Create word of mouth around your product or service. 
  • Brand growth, the more people are exposed to your brand the more likely they are to explore it. 
  • Great option for market research – gain feedback on your products. 
  • Gain insights from influencers on how their community shops and what style of content they engage with.

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