Social Media Marketing Packages

Our team of social media specialists have successfully managed accounts for businesses across multiple different industries around the UK.

Our social media marketing packages are designed to make a real difference to your business by taking a comprehensive, bespoke and strategic approach to social media management.

Social Media is an essential tool for any business

Are you looking to build an audience? Create awareness for your brand? Sell products with e-commerce or take bookings for your services? Simply reach new customers? All of the above? Your goal will be taken into account during your strategy building process, becoming the main focus of your social media output.

During your consultation, we will begin to establish a lucrative and organised strategy that works to develop your brand and increases conversions.

We work with businesses to develop a social networking content strategy that ensures social media activity achieves your goal. Content usually focuses on helping, informing and entertaining, rather than selling. Then, we put together a content distribution strategy making sure that content gets posted on the right networks, in the right way. Book a session with our social media marketing consultants to find out more.

Our client in the food and beverage industry has received over 3.5 million social media impressions since joining InSynch in 2021.

Social media marketing packages to suit your business

First, we’ll meet with you in a free consultation to discuss how we can improve your social media presence. After we have agreed a strategy, we will advise on the right Digital Marketing package for your business. 

At InSynch, we can work independently or with your existing team members to get the most out of your social media marketing package. Everything is fully measurable and you’ll receive bespoke progress reports each month. Your ‘goal’ is taken into account during the strategy creation process. 

You may be looking for more brand awareness for your business or an increase in sales, we’ll make it happen! Our packages include everything from content to creation, content schedule, community management and more. Alongside social media management, we also offer paid social marketing using Facebook Business Ads Manager. Book a consultation with one of our social media marketing consultants to find out more.

Our Social Media Management packages are all based on the hours needed to maintain your strategy and achieve your business goal.

Unlike other Social Media Management companies we don’t charge per post or platform. Instead, we build your businesses a bespoke Social Media Marketing strategy built to achieve your goals – whether it’s brand awareness, eCommerce sales or lead generation, your goal is at the forefront of our marketing activity.

We’ll help you build a loyal customer base, drive brand awareness, direct sales or encourage users to visit your shop, hotel or restaurant. We can use Social Media to gather email sign ups, sell services and gain bookings.

At InSynch, everything is fully measurable. We are completely transparent and open with our clients. Our service is totally flexible too, meaning we can mesh with your existing skills or team members seamlessly to give you the best possible service available. We are results driven and suitable for all businesses of any size, from start ups to established companies.

Our team of experts have managed Social Media Marketing for brands and businesses all over the UK across multiple different industries – creating content strands, writing copy, scheduling posts and optimising. As well as Organic Social Media Management, we also offer Social Media Advertising management that is fully integrated with your Organic Social Media Management. You can read more about Social Media Advertising management here.

To find out more about InSynch’s Social Media Management and Marketing service, book a consultation or join one of our Social Media Strategy webinars.

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