Over the last 18 months, like many businesses, we have had to shift our usual business practices to an online alternative. Although at first, this was an adaptation to get used to, we began to thrive and have adopted our permanent agile working system as a result. Our team now works in our offices and also at home on a flexible basis across the UK. 

This permanent shift in how we work, saw a change in how we deliver consultations and courses. In the first few months of lockdown, we were able to deliver over 900 remote meetings online, 200 consultations and 62 webinars. Since then this number has only grown and we are reaching new milestones every month!

Going online meant we could dedicate more time to our clients, our free weekly webinars and opening up our services worldwide, as we cut out the hours previously spent travelling to these events across the UK. 

Although this new way of working has become our new normal, we were interested to find out how other business people had adapted over the course of these past 18 months and if their preferences had changed in regards to how they conduct business. To find out we undertook a survey and reached out to business people and asked about their preferences for online learning and meetings after the pandemic. The results were very interesting, here are a few highlights: 

Webinars vs In-Person courses

 46% of delegates said their preference was for webinars.

 84% of delegates said they were happy to attend webinars and in-person courses.

 Only 16% of delegates said they preferred in-person courses.

 Only 5% of delegates said they planned to only attend in-person training in future.

The ideal webinar length

 57% of people felt that 1 hour was the right length for a webinar.

 84% of people felt that webinars should be 1.5 hours long or less.

Online business meetings vs in-person meetings

 92% of people said they were either happy to or preferred to (66%) have online meetings.

As you can see, it’s clear that the pandemic has changed the way many business people prefer to carry out their work and learning, leaving us reassured and energised to keep driving our modern way of working. You’ll be able to catch us digitally for the foreseeable future, where we can dedicate more time to you and your business. 

Why not start with a free 1-2-1 with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists? We’ll discuss your digital goals and how we can begin to work towards achieving these with our latest innovative strategies!