I first got into the world of Search Engine Optimisation in 1998. I had an idea to create a Website that listed baby names and their meanings as I felt that at that time (some 20 years ago) people would start to look for baby names online. I did pretty well in getting a good position and earned a fair bit of money from selling advertising on the site.

Search Engine Optimisation has changed a lot since then of course but there are some things that are fundamentally the same. At InSynch we use a huge range of techniques to get people higher up the search engines and it is a key part of what we do, for literally hundreds of clients a year.

Some of the techniques we use are our trade secrets but we are actually quite open about what we do. Every year we run courses that explain search engine optimisation and help people make a real difference to where they rank in the search engines. Sometimes these courses last half a day and sometimes SEO is just a small part of a wider subject.

So, the headline for this article promised to give you some SEO tips that will take just 5 minutes to implement. SEO is actually quite simple and improving is could be summed up as “Talk more about what you do”. Yes, it is that simple. Just talk more about what you do and that can make a difference.

TIP – Basic SEO = Talk more about what you do

Too simple? OK, think about how Search Engines decide which Websites they will list in the results. One of the most important decisions Search Engine Algorithms try to make is “how relevant is this website to the search terms being used”. How can you expect to rank for a phrase if you don’t actually include those words?

You may have a lovely photo that depicts what you do perfectly. Maybe your logo also says what you do. Search engines cannot read these. How many times do you list the phrases/words that people search for?

TIP – Try pressing CTRL + F when on your website and then type in the words you think people are searching for. Your words will be highlighted on the page.

Ideally they should be on the page around 5-7 times. Time and time again I look at people’s websites and they don’t list the most important keywords/phrases at all, or only once. Leaving search engines to determine that the content is not relevant.

TIP – Remove one of your keywords from the bottom of the page and add it at the top.

Prominence is an important factor with search engines. If you talk more about a subject at the top, than the bottom, it logically may be the main subject of the page. Following the above tip will make your content more prominent on the page.

Obviously there is a lot more to search engine optimisation than that and you should undertake keyword research to find out exactly what people are searching for, and check for many other factors. However, the above SEO tips will actually make a difference.

We run a two hour course on SEO where we explain our whole process and give many more tips. You can find out more here – SEO training course AberystwythSEO training Course Shrewsbury

Alternatively, we can undertake search engine optimisation for you using our Search Engine Boost service. Contact us to discuss how we can help.