Yes, I did actually say that, as a digital marketing professional. In fact, sometimes I tell clients to tweet/post less and actually go out and speak to some real people or hand leaflets out in the street as it would be more effective….

What I actually mean is that you should perhaps reduce how much time and effort you spend on social media and instead see it as just part of an overall digital strategy.

The problem is that the approach many businesses take to digital marketing is to set up lots of social media platforms, post like crazy and then hope it all works out…

Then, they measure success by how many likes they had, how much reach they had. Perhaps you have put posts on Facebook and then seen you had a good number of likes. Did it give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside? Did you feel better for people liking your post?


If you have Google Analytics on your Website (and if you don’t then you need to get it), log into it now and have a look. Go to Acquisition, All Traffic, Channels and amend your date range to show the last few months. Cast your eye on the Social section and see how it compares to other sources of traffic.

Now, click on Social and see exactly which social network has sent you traffic. In addition, if you have set Google Analytics up correctly, you will be able to see how many enquiry forms you have had filled in and even how many sales you have had.


Chances are that if you have followed the above steps, you are seeing a disappointing level of traffic from your social media efforts. I know businesses that tweet every day and get almost no traffic from Twitter. Businesses who post on Facebook daily and get very little traffic and certainly no business.

What can I do about it?

Its quite simple, now that you know whether your social media is working or not you need to look at each social media platform and do one of the following:

  1. Stop or reduce your use of that social media platform and spent time on the one that is working
  2. Change how you use that social network to make it worthwhile

Finally, ask yourself the following question…. If I linked to my Website more on my social media posts, would more people visit my Website?

Normally the answer is YES!

At InSynch we use social media for many of our clients but we do it in a measured way, being able to analyse specifically which post or tweet has led to new business being generated. Find out more about our digital marketing packages.