5 Email Marketing Tips

Is there such thing as the perfect Email Marketing Strategy?

Finding the best practise for Email Marketing can be a difficult task. The key to finding an effective marketing strategy depends entirely on your goals, target audience and analysing the information post-campaign. However from our experience, we feel there are some golden rules when looking to effectively improve your Email Marketing Campaigns.

So, what is good practice when it comes to Email Marketing?

“Good practise makes perfect”

1. Responsive Templates

You may have heard Website Development companies talking about Responsive websites for quite sometime now, and how this new technology can improve the user experience, but why stop there? Users also spend time looking at emails on mobile devices. Now is the time to start looking at Responsive Email Templates.

This is probably now the number one rule when creating your email template

Remember: Much like a responsive website, the template adjusts depending on what device you are reading your email on.

2. Test and improve for the next campaign.

Arrange your clickers into categories. Refining the information gathered on open rate, clicks should be the first task after your email campaign has gone out. Looking further into this, you could have a campaign which has various offers and may want to target an audience who previously showed interested in a particular offer. Lets look at an example which we have done recently:

A set of courses in Facebook and Twitter were promoted. After the campaign had ended we begin to analyse the information further. We can see from our Email Marketing Platform how many of our customers clicked on the Facebook course link. We can then arrange these clickers into a new list in our system ‘Interested in Facebook Courses’… you can probably see where we are going here. We can now create a follow up email to this new list, thus creating a more successful open rate and more like to convert into a customer.

We always do this to suit the next campaign.

Tip: It is good practise to split test your subject line, to see what works best for you.

3. Branded – Make sure your Email Template ties in with your Brand Identity

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you could hire a professional Graphic Designer to design you Responsive template.

Always use the same template for consistency, if your reader was interested in your last campaign, a sense of familiarity would create trust and a committed on going relationship from your reader.

Designer Tip: Use strong, bold, coloured buttons as calls to actions

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

Don’t give away too much information, remember the idea behind creating the campaign is to drive traffic to your website and convert that user. Your more likely to convert a user if you can get them onto your website, with the ability to navigate to find out more information about the service or your company.

5. Analytics Tracking

Make sure you have enabled Google Analytics tracking on your links and overall campaign, this will help refine your information for next time

Tip: If your sending out emails regularly to your readers, it is good practise to name your campaign appropriately with a date, to clearly see the campaign results.

If you need any help with your campaign, or would like more information, please contact us