Website Developers are everywhere these days. The choice can be bewildering for a business looking to get a website designed.

Some businesses will choose to build a site themselves, which has pros and cons – see our guide to deciding whether to use a Web Developer or DIY.

We always recommend businesses create a simple 1-2 page Web Design brief, even if they are going to design it themselves. Get quotes, tell the developer what you like and don’t like and get the Website that you need.

Over the years we have seen many rogue Web Developers come and go, and we are pretty good at spotting them. So, here are 5 warning signs to look for…

1. They use a DIY Web builder to build your Website

DIY Web Builder platforms such as Wix or GoDaddy are for those who don’t have the skills to build a site and need some templates and a drag and drop system. They are NOT what you would expect a professional Web developer to use in order to build a Website!

That’s like paying a professional chef to come to your home and cook for you and your guests, but they turn up with some microwave ready meals!

To add insult to injury, these companies then charge you every month to use a third party Website builder. The cheek of it!

Get a professional developer with the design, technical and digital marketing skills that you need.

2. They tell you that you won’t be able to edit all of the Website

Any Website developer these days will build you a Website that you can edit yourself. Any developer that tells you that you must pay them a retainer each month in order to edit it, is not the company you want to deal with.

It is your Website, you should be able to update it.

3. Your Website won’t be mobile friendly

We still pick up the pieces from clients who have been sold a Website that won’t work on mobiles. We are at the stage now where for many businesses, more traffic will come from a mobile than from a desktop computer.

You shouldn’t have to pay more for a Website to be mobile friendly

4. All pictures and few calls to action

There is a worrying trend these days for developers to create Websites are basically long pages with lots of pretty pictures.

Businesses love them because they can see nice pictures of their business and the Developers love them because they require almost no design skills.

From our experience, whilst these sites look pretty, they are some of the worst converting Websites there are. In other words, they fail to deliver on their purpose which could be to get sales, generate enquiries or educate users.

5. Search Engine Optimisation Novices

Your Website can be as pretty as you like but if nobody comes to it, then it is a bit pointless. That is where search engine optimisation can help. Search Engine Optimisation can be a complex process.

Sadly, many Website developers are stuck in the dark ages….. A classic request from such a Web Developer will be “Can you send me a list of keywords you want to be found for so we can put them in the Meta Keywords”. Firstly, the keywords you use should be based on thorough research. Finding the words and phrases people search for, matching them for how competitive and relevant they are to the business, and then professionally tweaking the Website.

Secondly, Search Engines have been ignoring Meta Keywords for over 10 years!

70% of new customers will come search engines. It is wise not to get this bit wrong!


For many businesses, it is too late and their Website is complete and isn’t working. That is where we can often step in and work on a comprehensive plan to get more business, as part of a digital marketing strategy.