How to Improve Poor Performing Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

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Are your pay-per-click marketing and advertising strategies/campaigns not working for you? You could be making several common mistakes and not optimising and improving your PPC campaigns in the correct way to ensure a better ROAS. Luckily for you, our Bristol PPC agency experts have put together some top tips for Digital Marketing UK businesses that have the potential to improve your marketing campaigns.

Read on to find out how you can breathe life into an ad and improve your ROAS. If you need more help, book a 1-2-1 with our UK PPC agency experts to discuss your needs. We can provide PPC consultancy and conversion rate optimisation services that help lower your costs whilst improving your performance.


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Select New Keywords and Remove Ones That Aren’t Converting

One of the main reasons a PPC ad may be performing poorly is because the search terms selected for the campaign aren’t resulting in clicks and conversions. Ensure you have a range of quality keywords with a range of low-high competition will improve the overall performance of your PPC Ads.

You should be undertaking detailed keyword research with the most relevant search terms for what you are trying to advertise. As well as this, regularly monitor your campaign’s keywords and carry out conversion rate optimisation to update your keyword selection.

This is done by reviewing your campaign results and looking for keywords that are spending but not receiving clicks or conversions. Make use of “Phrase Match”, “Broad Match” and “Exact Match” options for your keywords to filter out versions of a keyword that doesn’t result in clicks.


Write Compelling Ad Copy

Use compelling ad copy that your audience will find interesting and want to engage with. This is essential for a good-performing PPC ad. Ensure the ad copy you are using has enticing sales points to draw in the user, yet is relevant to your service or business. As with keywords, you can see in Google Ads which ad assets have resulted in clicks. If you notice one that is not resulting in clicks and conversions, then weed it out.


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Optimise Your Ad’s Landing Page

Is your website fully optimised? Many PPC campaigns fail or perform poorly due to the landing page you are directing users through to from the ad. If a page is hard to navigate, doesn’t have a clear-cut customer journey, or other user experience issues; you are far less likely to see a conversion.

To combat this, ensure the landing page you’re sending your users to is fully optimised and follows best practices for website design and functionality. If you notice a large amount of clicks, but few conversions as a result, this can be a sign your landing page is not going down well with your audience.

It’s why we always recommend website conversion rate optimisation services to clients wanting to improve their pay-per-click marketing strategy. Many times, poor design or confusing wording has made a strong advert fall flat.


Include Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can drastically increase the performance of a poorly performing pay-per-click marketing strategy. These allow you to provide more information (contact information, service pages, etc) within your campaign and highlight key services to draw in users. This can provide a more clear-cut direction of your service, ensuring that clicks are more likely to be relevant.


Our UK PPC Agency Can Help

If you’re struggling to find the best digital marketing UK agency and are looking to improve your pay-per-click marketing strategy with a conversion rate optimisation service, InSynch can help! Our Total Digital Marketing has worked for hundreds of businesses big and small, improving their digital marketing efforts and steering them in the right direction.

Our in-house experts from the Bristol PPC agency can help you to improve your poorly performing PPC ads and see the conversions from your campaign you want with our PPC Consultancy or our total Digital Marketing Packages.


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