6 ways to reduce your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics


The bounce rate, in terms of Google Analytics website statistics, is when someone lands on a page and doesn’t view any other pages, they either close the browser or go to a different Website. The bounce rate is seen as a key statistic to reduce in order to make a website more effective. Typical bounce rates are between 30 and 40%. The average for an online sales site is 34%.


1. Create a ‘Where do you want to go today’ interface.

There is a saying in the conversion world relating to website performance “Don’t make me think”. Make it easy for customers to get to where they need to go. Don’t make them hunt around in the menus for the sections that you want them to go to, create a nice block of images and text near the top of the home page for them to look at and click. This is a very successful tactic in reducing the bounce rate

2. Make your Website Faster

Statistics show that for every extra second that your Website takes to load, your bounce rate will increase by over 10%. A fast-loading website will also do better on search engines. Make sure you have a good hosting package, well-optimised images and try using the page speed checker on Google – https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/

3. Reduce the choices

Giving too many choices to customers can reduce their likelihood of looking further into your Website. Simplifying the choices on your home page can reduce your bounce rate significantly.

4. Make your call to action prominent

Create a good call to action and shout about it. Decide what you want people to do and then make it very bold and obvious so that they see it, and do it.

5. Ensure that the design of your Website is good

A poor and amateur-looking Website does not instil credibility. First impressions count, and last. The impression you give from the outset will have a big impact on how willing people are to dig further.

6. Make sure your Website works on Mobile

Look at the Mobile report in the Audience section of Google Analytics. This will show you the different bounce rates for Desktops, Mobiles and Tablets. Mobile users will soon make up the bulk of your traffic, if they don’t already, and a slow and unresponsive site will put users off, and they may never return. See this article on checking your Website for Mobiles

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