1. Facebook page likes don’t matter

It’s true! What matters is your weekly organic reach. Recently I consulted with a business who had over 100,000 page likes on Facebook but were only reaching 30 to 50 Facebook users with each post. Facebook only shows your most popular posts to people who like your page, it’s engagement and organic reach that matter, not the number of people that like your page.

2. Linking to your website stops people seeing your Facebook posts

Bad news for businesses who share links to new products. It’s called Social Media for a reason, you have to share good Media for your posts to be seen. Try using Facebook’s Shop feature to share your product instead.

3. Posting Reels is the best way to reach new customers on Instagram with content

Your Instagram followers are really the only people seeing your main feed and story posts. If you’re lucky, a popular post will end up on the explore page and bring in some new followers, but the best way to reach new potential customers is with Instagram Reels.

4. Content isn’t necessarily the best way to increase your Instagram following

But ‘Conquesting’ or ‘Community Management’ is! Spend 15 minutes a day going through the feeds of the hashtags you’re using, leaving comments and likes on other people’s posts. Follow influencers and celebrities with a foot in your industry and make sure you engage with their posts too. This is a much better to way to build up new followers and gain brand awareness than simply posting content alone.

5. Facebook users are only watching the first 3 seconds of your videos

Check your analytics! Most Facebook users are only watching the first 3 seconds of any video. So, make those first 3 seconds count – whether it’s grabbing their attention early, or displaying your call to action at the start of the video rather than the end.

6. Your Facebook and Instagram competitions could get your page deleted and your ads account disabled

All those times you asked your followers to tag a friend to win a prize could lead to your page being deleted. You cannot use Facebook functionality for competition entry. You can ask users to comment, answering a question for instance, but you can’t ask people to follow you, tag a friend or like a post to enter a competition.

7. Algorithms and Best Practise is only a tiny piece of your Social Media strategy

This is something I discuss in my Social Media Strategy webinar. Algorithms and Best Practise is only a tiny piece of the Social Media puzzle. There is nothing more important than the content itself. If you are social and you share good content, you will have success on social media. It’s as simple as that.