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10 Years With Our Digital Marketing Agency!

Black Mountains Smokery are an award-winning, family-run smokery located in South Wales. They originally came to InSynch in 2014 to design and build an attractive website, and have since worked with us to build a successful, cost-efficient digital marketing strategy on our Essential Digital Marketing package.

The Client’s Aim:

When Black Mountain Smokery came to InSynch, they wanted to develop an easy-to-use E-commerce website – both for customers and for the smokery staff that would process orders and update products. With a streamlined website, their goal was to increase online sales year-on-year.

Through working with them on their website development, we identified further work that could be done to help promote their new website and upskill their staff. They are now on our Essential Digital Marketing package, which is tailored to provide small business marketing and support. To date, we have provided the following services to this smokery in South Wales:

  • Ongoing website optimisation and assistance with website redesigns
  • Improve product visibility on search engines with essential SEO
  • Creating and managing cost-efficient PPC ads across Google and social media to promote their products and gift hampers.
  • Providing bespoke training, business consultation, and technical support for product SEO, social media, and content marketing strategies

What We Achieved

Ten years of ongoing marketing and support speaks for itself. Black Mountain Smokery is very happy with the work we do for them. Year-on-year, sales have remained strong. Comparing 2015 – when their new website first launched – to 2023, annual revenue has almost tripled!

Website Development & Optimisation

By creating a design that portrayed an artesian and authentic feel, whilst offering a linear, user-friendly purchase experience, we created a website that Black Mountain Smokery were very happy with. It showcased a sense of place from within the Welsh Black Mountains, with branding and a tone of voice that suited their business.

InSynch no longer provides in-house website development, but we have not stopped our dedication to providing website optimisation services to Black Mountain Smokery. When relaunching a website, web developers often forget conversion optimisation and SEO. We provided bespoke critique and guidance to ensure their newer websites were optimised for search engines and the user experience.

Essential SEO

Search engine optimisation is always changing, and what was effective 10 years ago may be useless in the current year. Whenever there is a major update in search engine algorithms, we always review how it may affect our clients.

We’ve worked behind the scenes at Black Mountain Smokery, ensuring their primary pages are following best practices as closely as possible under their package. As for product pages, we provided 1-2-1 training sessions and consultations to inform their in-house staff on the best way to approach it.

As of mid 2024, Black Mountain Smokery rank in on the first page of Google for many essential hamper-related keywords across many locations in the UK on Google. Black Mountain Smokery’s website brings in more organic search traffic than any other sessions, accounting for nearly half their revenue in recent years.

Paid Ads

We have run countless paid search ads for Black Mountains Smokery over the years, focusing on targeting people most likely to buy hampers at the right time. As budgets were tight, we regularly reviewed and optimised these ads, ensuring they received the most purchases for the least cost. In 2023, ads accounted for 20% of all purchases, and enjoyed an average engagement rate of 76%!

What Black Mountain Smokery Have to Say:

“We have worked with InSynch for many years. They have supported us through several websites, providing comprehensive SEO advice and digital marketing solutions at every stage.

They currently manage our digital advertising campaigns and work with us to plan monthly in house tasks relating to SEO and digital marketing strategies. They provide technical support regarding content management for the website and social media. We use their training webinars for new staff members and also benefit from their excellent 1:1 bespoke training sessions.

The InSynch team are friendly, pragmatic, and client centred, providing advice and support relevant to individual business. Our account manager Emma is really approachable, hugely knowledgeable, and quick to identify and fix issues or train us to fix them. We highly recommend InSynch to any business seeking digital marketing support.”

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