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Stretton Oak Tubs - A digital marketing client

Doubled website sales and ran out of stock 3 times just 8 months after joining!

Stretton Oak Tubs is an e-commerce business, supplying authentic whisky barrels that have been repurposed into unique garden features. Their most popular products include garden planters, water butts, and garden furniture. In October 2019, Stretton Oak Tubs sought InSynch’s unique approach to digital marketing.

The Client’s Aim:

Liz and David, the owners of Stretton Oak Tubs, were not receiving the service they had hoped for from a Shropshire-based digital marketing company. Their goal was to ultimately achieve more sales through their website than their eBay store, which took a significant cut out of their profits. However, they were no closer to this goal through working with their previous agency.

At InSynch, we always sell our services through a holistic approach, focussed on achieving measured goals. Following their digital marketing consultation, we agreed the following aims to help them reach their goal:

  • Improve organic traffic to the website with SEO
  • PPC ads across search engines and social media sites their target audience were likely to use
  • Website conversion optimisation work to combat the high rate of abandoned carts
  • An email marketing strategy focussed on remarketing to satisfied customers.

What We Achieved

Thanks to our holistic approach, we achieved Stretton Oak Tubs’s goal of attracting more business through their website than their eBay shopfront. They more than doubled their sales and ran out of stock 3 times on their website just 8 months after joining – all due to the strength of our marketing work.


When Stretton Oak Tubs joined InSynch in 2019, their Google Ads were their highest source of website traffic. Despite 5 years of SEO work with other companies, they weren’t ranking very well for search terms related to their products, making organic traffic their smallest traffic source.

We first focussed on identifying keywords with strong purchase intent behind them, and began optimising existing pages and products accordingly. Once this was complete, we made it our ongoing mission to fine-tune and tweak the website in ways beneficial to SEO. After 8 months, their organic traffic was 2x bigger than Google Ad traffic.

After years with InSynch, organic search is still their highest source of traffic. At the end of 2020, they achieved 38 thousand organic visitors, with an engagement rate of 52%, accounting for 70% of purchases.


Every penny spent on marketing counts for a small business online marketing strategy. Stretton Oak Tubs already had Google Ads running when they joined us, but their average cost-per-click was higher than what it should have been.

We optimised their PPC ads to focus more on assets and keywords that resulted in conversions. Through tracking the analytics, the average cost-per-click reduced by 12p, whilst the clicks and conversions remained strong. We achieved 56% increased revenue from PPC ads in 2020 compared to 2019, whilst running ads on the same advertising budget.

Two Facebook ads on a minimal daily budget were launched afterwards. One targeted at attracting a new audience by targeting users with interest in gardening and home decor. The second ad was aimed at remarketing website visitors who had not made a purchase from their online shop. These ads achieved an average of 1500 link clicks per month for as little as 4p per click. These adverts made several times their monthly advertising budget back for every purchase made.

Website Conversion Optimisation

Through Google Analytics, we confirmed an amount of abandoned carts that needed to be addressed. The website was thoroughly audited, and we reported the potential issues that could be addressed without requiring a rebuild of the website.

Alongside tweaks to benefit the user experience, we added an exit intent pop-up on their checkout page, which offered an appealing 10% discount when signing up to their mailing list. This pop-up gained a 52% conversion rate. In 2020, sessions resulting in transactions increased by 187% over the amount recorded in 2019.

Email Marketing

We took the available email addresses from their customer database, combined with an email sign-up pop-up on their home page and the exit intent pop-up to start a new email marketing campaign. New subscribers received an automated series on sign-up, and a monthly newsletter was sent to all subscribers.

Their email marketing list had grown to almost 800 subscribers since 2019 and continually receives a 50+% open rate. Emails counted for 11% of purchases in 2020, an increase of 284% over the previous year.

What Stretton Oak Tubs Have to Say:

“Superb service. Offers imaginative and different ways to boost your business and best of all they won’t baffle you with jargon.  I found this company through the Marches Growth Hub and in 6 months they have tripled our online business via our website. Having used SEO services for the last 5 years with other local companies, this is the first company that has increased our sales. We are no longer needing to rely on eBay for sales as it all now comes through our website. I can’t thank them enough.”

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