Stretton Oak Tubs

Stretton Oak Tubs supply authentic whisky barrels in a variety of different forms and for a variety of different uses – namely; garden planters, water butts and garden furniture.


In October of 2019, we brought Stretton Oak Tubs to InSynch. Liz and David, the owners of Stretton Oak Tubs, were not receiving the service they had hoped for from another Shropshire Digital Marketing company, and came to us with two requests:

  • Achieve more sales through their website than their eBay store
  • Improve SEO rankings


At InSynch, we always tell our clients that we sell conversions, not services – and Stretton Oak Tubs are a shining example of this. We used a combination of different marketing techniques to improve website sales, majorly surpassing their eBay store sales. In fact, Stretton Oak Tubs have run out of stock 3 times already this year due to the strength of our marketing work.

Stretton Oak Tubs already had Google Ads running when they joined us, but with our experience and knowledge we optimised these Ads, tracking the analytics to slowly bring down the daily costs incurred for running the ads, whilst increasing the clicks and conversions.

We launched two Facebook ads on an exceedingly small daily budget. One targeted at Facebook users with an interest in gardening and the other targeted at their website visitors who had not made a purchase from their online shop. These continue to run and are now gaining 1500 Link Clicks per month for as little at 4p per click.

To combat abandoned checkouts, we added an exit-intent pop-up on their checkout page, which offered website visitors a 10% discount for signing up to their mailing list and making their purchase – this pop-up has gained a huge 52% conversion rate.

We took the available email addresses from their customer database, combined with an email sign-up pop-up on their home page and the checkout page exit-intent pop-up mentioned above to start an email marketing campaign. New subscribers receive an automated welcome email on sign-up and we also send a monthly newsletter to the subscribers. This email marketing list has grown to almost 800 subscribers since 2019 and continually receives a 50+% open rate.

We also used our vast knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation to bring Stretton Oak Tubs up the Google rankings and strengthen their website conversions from organic Google search. Search Engine Optimisation for Stretton Oak Tubs is a continuing job, with a huge focus on intense keyword research – finding highly searched phrases with only a handful of direct results. When Stretton Oak Tubs joined InSynch in October, their Google Ads were their highest source of website traffic – but now after 8 months with InSynch, their Organic Search brings in over double the traffic of Google Ads.

All of this work was carried out under our Total Digital Marketing service – which allows our clients to benefit from all Digital Marketing techniques available on a rolling month-by-month basis. Are you looking to increase your sales online? Get in touch today.

“Superb service. Offer imaginative and different ways to boost your business and best of all they won’t baffle you with jargon.  I found this company through the Marches Growth Hub and in 6 months they have tripled our online business via our website. Having used SEO services for the last 5 years with other local companies, this is the first company that has increased our sales and we are no longer needing to rely on eBay for sales as it all now comes through our website. I can’t thank them enough.
Eaton Manor