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Search Engine Optimisation

This is a webinar tailored towards UK businesses. If you are joining from another country, please be aware of the current UK timezone.

Break Search Engine Optimisation Down Into a Straightforward Strategy

Your business’ website is its digital shopfront, a means to improve conversions, leads, and sales online. Therefore, it’s important you are exercising its full potential to reach potential clients and customers. The average web user only reads the first 5–6 listings on search engines like Google and Bing; anything below these positions will seldom achieve those precious clicks and conversions. When you are at the mercy of a search engine algorithm, why have a beautifully designed website if no-one can see it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tactic as a means to improve your website’s organic reach. The better your SEO, the more likely Google and prominent search engines will place your website in those crucial first page positions.

We can help your business understand and implement a straightforward strategy in this highly technical area. This hour-long course will break the technicalities of SEO into an easy-to-understand strategy to get your brand noticed. Appearing on the first page of a search engine and reaching larger audiences needn’t be a pipe dream. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the basic principles of search engine optimisation
  • Debunk common assumptions on search engine algorithms
  • Utilise keyword research, metadata, and on-page content to drive ranking results
  • Avoid common mistakes that could harm your rankings
  • Monitor and optimise your search performance with Google Search Console
  • Make future changes to your website with search engine results in mind

Why Choose InSynch?

We condense and deconstruct years of industry experience to demonstrate how undertaking a measured and strategic approach to optimisations that can improve your search engine rankings. We’ve implemented successful optimisations for prominent businesses over the years, monitoring their rankings and making improvements where necessary. Our webinars are popular because they are based on our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We impart real-world experience and our trade secrets, leaving delegates buzzing with ideas.

“I learnt more about SEO in this one hour session than have working in marketing for the last 6 years!” — Rebecca S, West Berkshire Council

“I started this seminar knowing very little about SEO. I now realise where we are going wrong with our website, and the steps I can take to help improve our chances of being found online. Thanks!” — Rob C, Music Bros Ltd

“Full of useful tips and really appreciate that Eddy took the time to look at the websites of those attending and giving examples where things can be changed for the better.” — Kath C, Veg Patch Kitchen Cookery School

Wed, 26 June 2024

10:00 AM

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