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This is a webinar tailored towards UK businesses. If you are joining from another country, please be aware of the current UK timezone.

Build Your Brand & Community on Social Media

Many business owners and managers are often surprised to discover that social media ISN’T a way to earn quick-win sales. For small-scale businesses, it can even be the opposite. Committing to a social media strategy requires you to maintains consistency, quality, and relevancy to keep your audience engaged for the long term.

When it comes to growing and a customer base that gives you both brand loyalty AND conversions, social media requires a well-thought-out approach. The key to finding success comes from understanding your audience, making use of analytics tools, and working smarter – not harder. Whether you are new to social media, or have tried it before with limited success, this hour-long course is here to help you:

  • Understand which social media channels are right for what businesses
  • Build a bespoke social media strategy
  • Spot trends and industry specific content strands
  • Boost engagement and discoverability with insider tips

Why Choose InSynch

We condense and deconstruct years of industry experience to demonstrate how building your brand with video content can reward your business. InSynch works with hundreds of businesses each year to refine and enhance their social media output, ensuring that they work well for the business and their goals. Our webinars are popular because they are based on our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We impart real-world experience in our webinars, leaving delegates buzzing with ideas.

“Great, very informative and the free sessions are great for someone on a steep learning-curve about social media for business! Diolch.” — Emma L. PLANED

“Excellent course giving a good overview of the subject. As someone just starting to use social media to advertise my work, it gave me a LOT to think about and work with” — Kathy P. Point of Balance

“Really useful webinar, packed with lots of little tricks and tips that I can’t wait to apply to our business social media accounts. Thanks!” — Laura C. Searchlight Solutions

Social Media Strategy

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