New Website for Llanstinan Boarding Kennels Now Live

The New Website for Llanstinal Kennels
The New Website for Llanstinal Kennels

Recently InSynch launched a brand new website for Llanstinan Kennels who are located in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, Llanstinan Kennels provides luxury dog kennels and a purpose built cat hotel.

The website is designed to allow the user to navigate to the part of the website that is applicable to them as quickly as possible, Within seconds of landing on the website the user is given the option of finding out more about the Kennels or Cat Hotel. Once you are at your desired page all information is clearly laid out with clear call to actions to make a booking along with customer reviews and galleries.

We enjoyed creating this website for Llanstinan Kennels and I believe we have designed and built an eye catching website. As with all of the websites by InSynch the owner will be able to update and edit the website easily.

If you are looking for a new website or would like to discuss how we could work together redesigning, changing or maintaining your website please get in touch.