We at InSynch have immersed ourselves in Digital Marketing for over 11 years now, and people always want to know what the next big service is, and what could potentially be of benefit to them.

We achieved the following for our Client:

4,400 competition entries

3,500 email subscribers

260,000+ Reach on Facebook

How did we do it?

We always want to mention increasing Facebook advertisements and social media presence, building up email marketing lists and promoting products and services, but sometimes this can all be a little overwhelming all at once.

So we thought we would show you just show you one great and popular way to implement a competition that can see a rise in potential customers and increased engagement on social media and your website.

Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages came to us to ask about creating and maintaining a Facebook and website embedded competition to win a holiday for four in a cottage of theirs in the Brecon Beacons. They wanted to do this to raise their social media presence, engage with their customers, grow their email marketing lists and encourage more people to look at their website for holiday cottages, especially after the competition finished.

When considering all they wanted to achieve, the idea of a competition campaign seemed to work entirely in their favour, covering all areas and they asked us at InSynch to maintain it under our Digital Marketing Services.

Campaign Length and Maintaining

They decided to run it at the end of summer, and to use the slogan ‘Who said summer was over…’ after some deliberation of potential ones with us. We then created a banner to go with this that used the slogan and the company’s icon and create a summery and happy image to go along with the competition campaign.

Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages Competition Banner

InSynch helped to design and implement this campaign and then set up the Facebook advertisements. This meant that driving users to the Facebook tab or to the website page itself was essential to try and boost their social media engagements.

Using our own expertise in creating and maintaining Facebook adverts, we made adverts and set out to maintain and tweak these accordingly throughout the campaign’s length.

The Results

Using a lot of careful consideration on all points of the campaign, and working closely with the customer to get their best interests into the heart of the campaign, we are happy to call it a success. The ending results were over 4,400 people entered the competition, with just under 3,500 of these agreeing to join their mailing list, which expands this exponentially.

In terms of social media and Facebook engagement – it reached a fantastic amount of 260,000+ users and there were over 900 shares of the competition on Facebook.

Having this growing engagement on Facebook allowed Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages to have their brand out into a larger audience, helped them gain new followers and traffic and a lot more interested parties of users in which to later convert to customers.

After the competition was over and the winners had been notified, we also noted to Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages that the best way to capitalise on this momentum and catch these potential customers was to set up remarketing advertisements on Facebook and to add a voucher code to the competition’s page in place of the campaign, so to encourage interested users to still carry out a purchase of a holiday on their website with this voucher incentive.

We at InSynch were happy to set up and maintain this competition campaign for our client. It’s a great way to combining a lot of our other popular digital marketing services like email marketing, social media marketing and our design and print services into one successful campaign.

If you would like to make use of our Competition Campaign service we have more details on our Digital Marketing Services pages. This could even work under your Total Digital Marketing package, looking after a complete campaign if this is something you feel could be worked on.

Quote from the client

The campaign worked well for us.  We experience a seasonal lull after the summer holidays and this competition enabled profile Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages as a year round destination to a really broad audience. It also aligned our brand with another local, quality product – Chilcott Blankets, underlining our USP of being a local, knowledgable holiday cottage agency, with a passion for the area.
– Liz, Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages

Get in contact with us if you are interested in carrying out something similar to this or would like to know more from us. You can also see our Competition Campaign page for more information on what we can provide you with.