I have used this quote before in a blog but I think it is a pretty powerful way to look at many aspects of business and marketing.

“If you keep doing what you always did, you will get what you always got” – Henry Ford

Actually in Digital Marketing, with this rapid changing world of new algorithms, shifting preferences for social networks and a move towards media rich, mobile first experiences, the situation is potentially much worse than that.

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If you keep doing what you always did, you might actually get less that you always got! What worked last year wont necessarily work this year.

It is important to keep measuring, improving and evaluating your Digital Marketing Strategy and always be on the look out for ways to do things better or even to stop activities that are not working.

Three poor Digital Marketing Strategies that we see all too often.

  1. Set a budget for Google Ads and make sure the Website looks good
  2. Create lots of social media accounts, post daily and build your audience
  3. Undertake lots of different digital marketing activities and hope it all works out

These strategies rarely lead to success and are certainly not efficient

Digital Marketing is not about doing everything you can think of and hoping it grows your business.

We work with our clients every month to agree and deliver measurable efficient digital marketing strategies.

Plan – We consult with you and plan activities based on meeting your business goals

Implement – Between us, we implement our digital marketing plan, measuring all of the time

Refine – We refine the approach, learn from our successes and focus on what works

Do you have a plan in place for January?

January is a key month for many sectors from holidays, weddings and solicitors. By now you should have plans in place to make the most of this period when your customers are most likely to buy from you.

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