A lot of people find that content, and in particular, email marketing takes up a large amount of their time, or that they simply don’t have the time to squeeze it into a schedule.

Although this is a common problem, it can result in email marketing lists steadily going ‘cold’ and customers on that list no longer remembering who you are when you finally get the chance to send an email 6 months after they signed up.

One of the best ways to combat this is to set up a series of ‘drip feed emails’ to send out after someone signs up. All you need to do is put aside a little bit of time to set up these emails and then once they start going out, you don’t need to micro-manage these, they just work for you.

As long as the content of the emails is interesting and engaging and linked thoroughly back to your site, you’ll find that a lot of people open and read these and click on the links without any further work from you.

You can create content for these from newsletters you’ve sent out previously, or just content you have on your own website or promotional material.

Make sure not to include ‘time sensitive’ content

If you want to get the most out of this to ease up time spent on email marketing, make sure not include text that’s time or season specific.
For example, if you’re doing an email on the great areas you have nearby your accommodation, don’t mention events that are upcoming by a date that will then go out of date once the event has passed.

Instead, mention the types of events going on nearby, then make sure there are lots of links through to your ‘things to do’ page which in turn mentions upcoming events or links to websites that have that information.

Make sure the emails have lots of links

If you can link all images through to relevant parts of your websites, and have a clear idea of what you want to get out of this email as an action. If it’s for people to enquire with you now they know a bit more, there should be buttons to your contact us page throughout the email.

If your goal is to get people to a shop or booking page then make sure there are clear call to actions and buttons through to that page.

Make sure the emails are varied in their subject

Plan out how many emails you want to send out and then come up with titles and subjects for each of these. This will help keep each email distinct, rather than just resending the exact same information out to your customers each time.

This also has the added benefit of that you can then see after a while which email is doing better, therefore which subject matter might be the most engaging of these emails.

Email marketing is a service we offer under our Total Digital Marketing package.

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