The effectiveness of Digital Marketing strategies are often the difference between the successful evolution of an online business and the stagnation or regression of a business and the more detailed Digital marketing strategies can be, the better. Part of my role within InSynch is to speak at various networking events, introducing InSynch as specialists in Digital Marketing, and it’s here I get the opportunity to talk around the subject, however, a two-minute elevator pitch leaves little room to explain the full detail of Digital Marketing and all that it encompasses.

It’s only on follow up 121 appointments, that I or my colleagues, really get the opportunity to explain the full detail of what Digital Marketing strategies truly encompass, and as I have often found, it’s not an area of marketing that many business owners fully understand.

So, what is Digital Marketing and of what does a Digital Marketing strategy comprise ?

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Compared to traditional marketing methods, such as print, billboards and TV, digital marketing is primarily data-driven. Technology now allows us to Track and Measure everything we do and it’s important to collect, analyse and use this valuable data to understand how each touchpoint contributes to your sales and conversions.

A Digital Marketing strategy can be encompass any of the following:

True Digital Marketing strategies are much more than just posting over social media, activities need to be part of a much wider plan, measuring what works and just as importantly, what does NOT work, allowing you to do more of what does work and less of what doesn’t work!
It’s important to understand the basics in order to put in place an effective Digital Marketing strategy and the benefits of having a clear Digital Marketing strategy will greatly improve the presence of your business online.

Actually in Digital Marketing, with this rapid changing world of new algorithms, shifting preferences for social networks and a move towards media-rich, mobile-first experiences, along with the many changes this years pandemic has presented, now is the time to be taking a fresh look at your strategy. Things have changed greatly.

The benefits of a clear Digital Marketing strategy:

  • A goal driven approach
  • Reach more potential clients, more efficiently, increasing revenue and continuing growth.
  • Enables you to track progress demonstrating, more visitors=more enquiries=more booking and sales
  • Easily learn what’s working and more importantly what’s not, for example on social, which platform is driving traffic and which platform or post is driving success.

InSynch has worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and has formulated an effective formula that not only works across the spectrum of businesses that we work with but is effective at driving growth. What may work for one business, may not for another so it’s important to get the foundations right for individual businesses, at the outset.

Digital Marketing is not about doing everything you can think of and hoping it grows your business.

We implement this strategy by

  • Planning – We consult with you and plan activities based on meeting your business goals.
  • Implementation – Between us, we implement our digital marketing plan, measuring constantly.
  • Refine – We refine the approach, learn from our successes and focus on what works.
  • Then we repeat – We plan again, to meet adjusted business goals and budgets and repeat.

Do you have a plan in place for moving into 2021? Maybe now is the time for a full review.

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