“Begin with The End in Mind” is Habit 2 of the multi-million selling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by the late Stephen R Covey. The basic premise of this statement is that “All things are created twice”. There is a mental and first creation and a second, physical creation to all things. By visualising the end goal, or how things look at the end, this can influence how you undertake the process of getting there.

Beginning with how you envisage the end result, helps you focus on what you are trying to achieve and will ultimately result in a more successful outcome.

So, what has this got to do with a business Website? Well, quite a lot actually. Imagine you are thinking of getting a new Website designed. Perhaps your current Website doesn’t really do your business justice or perhaps you are looking to market your business more effectively. The mistake many Website developers make is they think that you have come to them so you have a nice shiny new Website. They design it, it looks pretty, you like it, they move on to the next client.

This is where we differ at InSynch. One of our first questions to any new client is “What business issue are you trying to solve?” or “What does the Website need to deliver for your business”. Take it from me, simply having a pretty Website is never the objective. I like to get under the skin of the business and see where they see the business going over the next few years. A Website is just a tool. A marketing tool that could help bring in new customers, improve perception of the business or improve customer service.

It is so vital at the outset to establish what the end goals are. This helps influence the Website Design, the calls to action, the strategy with the search engines and the ongoing marketing strategy.

Did you know?

Over half of the clients we work with on a monthly basis had Websites developed by another company…

Of course we develop Websites, and have an in house team that develop Websites every day. However, primarily we are business consultants and digital marketing experts. Every working day we get calls from businesses who have had shiny new Websites developed that look pretty but are simply not effective in delivering the results that business needs.

Do this quick Website test now

1. What three things do you want your Website to achieve?

2. Apart from a shiny new Website, have you actually considered how to achieve the answers to question 1?

3. What digital marketing strategy are you going to put in place to achieve your end goal for your Website

Don’t Panic

Many people reading this will have a new Website already. Perhaps it isn’t quite delivering for you? Perhaps you expected to just launch your new Website after it was developed and wait for the business to roll in? Sometimes a few tweaks to a Website are all that is needed. Our article on Converting Website Visitors may be useful. Maybe you need to do things differently?

We can help in many ways from a complete Digital Marketing Support package through to an informative Website Critique. Just get in touch and discuss your business goals with us.