Businesses are slowly reopening but that doesn’t mean that everything is the same as it was a few months ago, You may want to give your website a brief check over to ensure everything is working correctly and all information is up to date.

Here are six tips to check that your business has a website geared up for reopening.

Are any website notices up to date?
You may have added website notices to explain to customers about your closure or changes to your standard business operations. Make sure that you remove or update these and replace with information about your reopening.

Are your opening hours correct?
You may need to change your opening hours, or you may be slowly returning to your original opening hours, make sure that these changes are reflected on your website to avoid customers arriving at your business premises when you are closed.

Are there any new rules in place when visiting your business?
Have you made changes to the way your business operates such as a limit to the number of customers inside your premises or perhaps there is a plan to manage social distancing and customer safety? Ensure that these are communicated on your website so that customers are prepared for changes before they visit you.

Test your website, don’t miss enquiries.
With many of your customers likely to have not visited you In a few months, they may want to ask questions before booking or visiting. Anticipate a higher volume of enquiries either by phone or via email, Check that the number and email address link so that website users can quickly get in touch. Submit a test enquiry on your contact form to ensure everything is working correctly and that you receive the notifications.

Have you released a new product or service over the last few months?
The last few months will have brought about many changes to businesses products and services, Check that all the information on your website is up to date and remove anything that you no longer offer.

Do you need to make tweaks to your Search Engine Optimisation?
Customers shopping habits may have changed in the last few months and you may want to review your current search engine optimisation to reflect any changes in your business or what your customers are likely to be searching for, This is really important for helping new and existing customers to find you.

If you feel you need to get more out of your website and online presence when your business reopens you may consider requesting a free 121 with a digital marketing expert at InSynch.