What is a drip feed email marketing campaign?

Engagement is key in any marketing campaign but creating a newsletter/email/campaign can often be time-consuming. Do we also want to spend hours ‘engaging’ with potential clients on social media or do we have time to actively go out in search of those new leads?

Ideally, yes, we should take some time to carry out these tasks and any serious business owner will schedule this into their daily, weekly routines, but it can still be exhausting and very time-consuming.

If you already have a warm audience, or you wish to market to your existing engaged audience, you may want to consider a drip feed email automation. Drip feed email campaigns can earn you up to 20% more sales opportunities, why would you not be interested in knowing how to set up one of these campaigns?

Using a great CRM system (Customer Relationship System) not only helps businesses keep customer contact details up to date, track customer interactions and manage customer accounts, but also helps businesses improve customer relationships and market to their audience in a targeted and effective way and a drip feed email automation can quite literally save you hours of time and help cultivate those already warm leads.

We often talk about email marketing at InSynch and there are many ways to engage with an audience, to achieve specific business goals. In this blog I will explain the benefits of an automated drip feed email campaign.

Why do drip feed email marketing campaigns work so well?

They can split up heavy and dense content into more manageable chunks of information. Receiving all your information in one go can be somewhat overwhelming and may very well result in an unsubscribe. Open rates for email automations are around 80% higher than single emails.

Small regular emails will not only help the reader better digest the information supplied, but also gently encourage them to react in the way you want them to. It will also keep you ‘In the front of their mind’

They may not be ready to make a purchase initially, but after receiving several emails with great content, it will be you they first think of when the time comes to make that purchase.

So here are 6 tips to creating that great campaign:

  1. Set Your Main Goal
    Work out what you want your subscribers to do in each email, but also the end goal at the end of the automated campaign. Do you want them to make a specific purchase, are you asking for feedback, or carrying out a survey? Set the goal for each email and ensure your email has all the relevant Call To Actions (CTA’s)
  2. Content is King
    Divide up your content, draft a plan of action and create the automations in one hit, so that plan of action is followed and not diluted over time. Think about providing content in different formats to suit different preferences. Provide relevant and engaging content.
  3. Leave Them Hanging
    Keep them tuned in by creating a sense of ‘What happens next?’ Intrigue will bring them back and encourage them to open the next email automation.
  4. Create Expectation
    Promise what you will send them next time and when they can expect to receive it. This will over time train them to expect the following email. If they know what and when to expect they are more likely to look out for it.
  5. Think Carefully About Timings
    Study reports from within your CRM or the successes in analytics to determine the best time to send your campaign. Think about the length of time between emails. Are you leading up to an event, do you need to build excitement and generate interest around that event.
  6. Set the automation and forget about it, it’s as easy as that!
    It may take some time to plan and create these email automations but once set and activated, you will just need to review the results and make adjustments as and when necessary.

So, Start turning your data into action and get more from your marketing!

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