Winner of The Apprentice and baker extraordinaire, Alana Spencer’s ‘Ridiculously Rich by Alana’ Bakery has been the talk of Aberystwyth since it opened last week.

If you’re not following Lord Sugar’s favourite sweet-tooth on Social Media, it’s time to change that! You could learn a thing or two…

1. Embracing your local community

Nothing says, “We’re only down the road, pop in some time!” like integrating yourself into the local community – and Alana inviting a local choir to perform at the opening of her new bakery speaks sings volumes!

2. Personality > Perfection

It’s ok to laugh at yourself! Social Media should be a behind-the-scenes, behind-the-curtain look at your business – not a corporate hard sell! Not only is having a bag of icing sugar explode all over you hilarious, it’s also highly relatable! We’ve all had a kitchen mishap or two in our time!

3. Celebrating milestones

Don’t forget the important things. Running your own business is hard – you barely have time to post a tweet, let alone step back and enjoy the progress your company has made. Hiring a new member of staff or moving into a new building is something to celebrate online!

4. Hashtag hijacking and latest trends

From #MondayMotivation to the #FridayFeeling. ‘Hashtag Hijacking’ can be effective way of creating awareness for your company, relating to your followers and finding more!

5. Effective Community Management

Likes, Retweets and Replies! A sure-fire way to build a relationship with your customers and reach prospective new customers while you’re at it! …or, if you’re Alana, a way to highlight the fact that even Aberystwyth’s Member of Parliament, Ben Lake wants to get his hands on a brownie or too!

6. Love what you do!

One thing is clear from Alana’s Social Media feeds… She absolutely ADORES what she does. Don’t forget to show your followers how passionate you are about your business! After all, why would they buy from someone who isn’t…

Join Alana for Aberystwyth Business Club’s Business Networking Event on the 26th of November. Tickets available now.

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