What’s the difference between a Digital Design and Graphic Design?

The difference is quite significant! While the fundamental skills and concepts of design are applied within each discipline, traditional graphic designers often lack the digital skills required for jobs that include UX* (User Experience) and UI** (User Interface) *What is UX – is the consideration of the interaction a person could have with a product or service. **What is UI – is the series of screens, pages, and visual elements—like buttons and icons—that enable a person to interact with a product or service. GRAPHIC DESIGN A Graphic Designer has a strong focus on pre-print production, typography, the design of logos, brochures, posters and images used in web design. They’ll also be responsible for designing collateral such as brochures, product design, advertising, and merchandise.   DIGITAL DESIGN A Digital Designer will also have the ability to also undertake these tasks and more. Here at InSynch, our design department have the skills required to help you communicate ideas and express your vision through digital technology. Not only do we work with printed material but also work on website design, video editing and other online content for a range of industries. Creating landing pages, developing email marketing collateral, banners, and other online marketing materials. By working within both print and digital market-places, we are able to cohesively keep your branding strong, whilst maintaining the desired message. Whilst designing for digital is a fairly new phenomenon, we’ve found consumer demand is growing tremendously over the past few years. New and exciting technology is coming into play and with new tech, comes a more savvy audience. InSynch can offer both Graphic and Digital Design services. As online platforms and content become more complex, fundamental questions that our Digital Designers take into account are, ‘can the user navigate and understand what they’re viewing, is it easy to use?’ or ‘Was the experience for the user easy, were they able to successfully navigate their way to making a purchase in as little time, effort and knowledge as possible? Questions such as this, our designers are constantly asking when considering digital designs. If you are unsure how your website is performing  why not take advantage of our Professional Independent Website Critique The InSynch Website critique is one of our popular services where we spend time analysing your Website and providing you with valuable recommendations for improvements. It is probably the best money you can spend on your Website and will tell you where to focus your efforts.
  • You simply provide us with your Web address and some background information and we will look over your site for you and provide you with information in the following areas information
  • Usability – Analysis of the navigation and ease of use with recommendations
  • Conversion – recommendations on how to increase the percentage of people that actually buy/book/enquire
  • Speed tests with recommendations to improve where relevant
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility – Not just being mobile-friendly but how it actually works from a customer perspective
  • Search Engine Optimisation – a ranking report and recommendations
  • Broken Link report
If you have a design project, whether it be for print or for use within your website, social media platform or film footage, please get in touch. Below are some examples of recent work carried out by InSynch:
Landing page to promote Waste Balers for Agritel 
Landing page to promote the Afon Range for Welsh Hot Tubs
A variety of branded print and digital assets for Gwesty’r Marine Hotel & Spa
Dynamic and responsive Exit Intent Pop Up for Midway Motors
Dynamic and responsive Exit Intent Pop Up for  The Falcondale
Dynamic and responsive Pop Up for 3DClever
And finally, an interactive digital design, for our own bit of fun over Halloween, the  InSynch Trick or Treat wheel? Give it a spin here.
If you have a design project you’d like us to look at, please get in touch.