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Bookings Two Years in Advance in Just 8 Months!

Since 2017 Only Summer has offered exquisite luxury private escapes in Majorca, Italy and Marbella in private villas. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, their villas catered exclusively to wealthy guests. In January 2023, Only Summer signed up for a total digital marketing package in order to attract more guests.

The Client’s Aim:

Oliver Bucher and Maximilian Mann wanted to improve their online presence and improve villa bookings. Unlike many holiday businesses, their ideal guests were very affluent, and difficult to market towards without a robust, quality brand. Wealthy clients have very different behaviours, preferences, and balking points, which needed to be approached with a unique marketing strategy.

Following their consultation, they agreed to sign up to a Total Digital Marketing package. We carried out the following strategies to achieve positive results:

  • Content marketing with the goal of inspiring luxury experiences
  • Website and search engine optimisation tailored towards attracting high quality leads
  • Business consultation to advise their brand development and social media presence
  • An influencer marketing strategy to cultivate brand development
  • A full email marketing strategy to nurture interested visitors into leads
  • Low-cost PPC ads focussed on awareness and cultivating quality leads

What We Achieved

In the digital age, Only Summer understands that a well-crafted digital marketing strategy isn’t just about attracting visitors – it’s about engaging with your cultivated audience to have them coming back or singing praises for your brand. Our efforts with Only Summer are a success, and our holistic approach has led to bookings as far-reaching as 2025! Because of our work, we were happily referred to work with of their associates, who ran a dog accessory and coaching website called A Dog’s Life.

Content Marketing

Appealing to more wealthy audiences requires a special approach, focusing on high quality content, with the goal of inspiring luxury experiences. Only Summer’s in-house team had previously invested in creating some great video content which gently encourages visitors to make reservations and experience the magic of their offerings. We encouraged them to maximise on this, and created a schedule of engaging blog posts for their in-house team, focussed to showcase the beauty of their destinations and inspire travel.

Website & Search Engine Optimisation

Our initial steps involved a comprehensive audit of the website. After setting up GA4, we carried out a thorough analysis of the historical data held within Universal Analytics. This provided us with invaluable insights, such as traffic acquisition, user demographics, how users were engaging with the website and, more importantly, a better understanding of where they were dropping off.

The overview of data, along with some detailed competitor analysis, allowed us to propose numerous enhancements concerning those user pathways and the internal layout and structure of web pages. Our SEO team then carried out extensive keyword research in multiple languages tailored to the specific countries the brand aimed to target.

Using this research, we carried out on-page optimisation and crafted compelling content, improving the visibility and quality of the website. We aimed at targeting specific prospective travellers worldwide, who may be looking for an exclusive luxury escape, making the Only Summer brand easily discoverable. We also focussed on off-page optimisation to improve their SERP (search engine results page).

Email Marketing

A full email marketing strategy has been implemented with data capture playing a key part in building their subscribers list, enabling new visitors to be nurtured into leads over time. The price point of a stay in any one of the villas was a consideration, and it is unlikely that a booking would be made following the first touchpoint. The nurturing of this captured audience with effective email campaigns played a significant role in bringing this audience back time and time again until they have the confidence and trust in the brand to make a booking.

Through the use of both incentivised exit intent pop-ups and Facebook lead ads, we have generated a niche audience of warm leads, segmented into groups based on self-selected preferences for detailed remarketing. Only Summer has seen a 121% increase in email subscribers in 8 months!

With an automated email series is triggered on sign-up, inviting the subscriber to explore the hidden treasures of their favourite summer destinations. With personalised emails, enticing offers, and travel updates, Only Summer successfully keeps its audience informed and eager to plan their next luxury escape.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborations with brand ambassadors and bloggers were something Only Summer was very keen to explore. The client had been previously unsuccessful with in the past from building their own strategies and collaborations from the ground up.

Our social specialists within InSynch formulated an effective influencer marketing strategy with suggestions on the type of influencers to reach out to. We also offered advice on the contracts and deliverables expected in return for their services. Putting these firm guidelines in place has enabled Only Summer to successfully engage with influencers and arrange a mutually agreeable gifting package in exchange for specific deliverables.

Branding & Business Consultancy

Only Summer has anchored its presence on various social media platforms. Predominantly on Instagram & Facebook, managed in-house. We provided a full social media audit, offering advice on current trends along with training.

They used much of their time with us in 1-2-1 consultancy sessions with our branding and social media specialists.  We offered support and advice on how best to use this social media content and over which platforms, based on their own insights. This enabled Only Summer to best utilise these platforms for sharing breathtaking visuals, customer testimonials, and exciting travel inspiration.

PPC Advertising

Whilst working with Only Summer, we found numerous effective ways of strategically placing advertisements where their audience was most likely to see them. Expertly crafted Google Ads and social media advertising allowed the brand to target specific demographics, based on their detailed personas, driving traffic and conversions by reaching potential travellers at the right moment. Lead ads alone have successfully gained 438 quality leads in 8 months!

Targeted traffic and awareness campaigns generate an average of 7,280 clicks a month, with an average cost per click of just 3p. We continue to monitor the conversion rates of campaigns and refine month-on-month where necessary.

What Only Summer Have to Say:

I attended an InSynch digital marketing strategy webinar and was impressed with their knowledge and methodology. Working together, we have implemented an effective marketing strategy tailored to our business goals. I have been working with InSynch for almost a year now and am very happy with the progress and dedication to our projects.

We have seen a significant improvement in our online visibility, so much so, I was inspired to work with them on a second project. Although we are still in the early stages of this new project, I am excited to see how they can once again drive the results we require, with the use of their expert marketing knowledge.

My project manager at InSynch, Sam, has consistently worked efficiently and with great professionalism. She is fun to work with, and I am grateful for her ability to quickly grasp ideas and translate them into actionable strategies. The collaboration has been both a dynamic and enjoyable experience, further reaffirming my choice to partner with InSynch. Their expertise has undoubtedly propelled our projects towards success, and I fully expect this to continue into the future.

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