Are you missing out on an every day opportunity to market your products and services to people, every time you send an email?

An email signature is the section of automated text that you add to the bottom of every email you send. Normally people include their phone number and address and sometimes they remember to put their Website address. Some even put their email address….. seriously, why? Think about it….

However, there are so many other things you could include in your signature…

  • What about connecting people to your LinkedIn Account?
  • How about including a link to a download you have available
  • Refer to a special offer you have going on

Link to the different sections of your Website, rather than just linking people to your home page.

Updating your signature is simple but is different depending on your email client (Outlook, Google etc) but if you are stuck, simply search for signature in the help files.

Giving your email signature a face lift might seem a minor thing but it is one little change, once made that will be marketing you every time you send an email!

This one of hundreds of little things you can change to market your business. See more about out Total Digital Marketing service