How should I be using LinkedIn?

One of the problems with trying to run and manage your business’ Social Media presence is that, often, the content you painstakingly put together with the intention publishing on one social network is not quite compatible with other social networks. What goes down a treat on Facebook, may render little to no engagement on Instagram or LinkedIn. It is easy to become dispirited by when faced with underwhelming of differing social media engagement and simply concede that you don’t have the time to be devising original content over multiple platforms.

Is it worth having a LinkedIn company page?

Less popular than Instagram and Facebook, and marginally less mainstream than Twitter, it is easy for LinkedIn to fall by the wayside and become neglected or ignored by businesses however this is a mistake.

A lot happens on LinkedIn. People post updates, professionals browse for new jobs, salespeople pitch to potential customers and, as with other Social Media platforms, individuals connect, chat and engage with one another. One of the ways LinkedIn is predominantly used is as a networking platform and therefore having some sort of company representation and presence is important.

Do I need to worry about my LinkedIn content?

Exactly how much time and effort you should be investing into your LinkedIn company page is highly dependant on what type of business you manage. It may sound obvious but if your business primarily focuses on B2B transactions then a strong LinkedIn presence has huge potential for fuelling leads and landing promotional and marketing material on your target audience. Even if your business predominantly deals with B2C transactions, having a well managed, if simple, LinkedIn profile will help your company establish credibility and is just another easy method to put your name and content in front of consumers.

I struggle to come up with good content

Here are three tips you can use to make devising LinkedIn content that bit quicker and easier.

  1. Keep It Short – In comparison to other social media sites, people tend to spend far less time on LinkedIn, therefore long winded content or links to blogs are unlikely to do well. Keep any posts simple and interesting as this technique helps you stand out from others that use long paragraphs and heavy self-promotion.
  2. Get Creative – An easy way to make your content eye-catching is to use different formats. Rather than a block of copy, make use of free content production websites such as Canva. You can break down a huge amount of information into a 30 second video that is far more striking than prose and helps combat short attention spans. Another effective way of presenting information can be achieved by adapting copy into images and/or statistics.
  3. Re-purpose your website content – Pluck an interesting fact from one of your blogs or share some of the information or expertise you provide in a quick ‘how to’ post.
  4. Ask Questions – Asking questions has long been a great trick to instigate engagement. The key is to ask open ended and relevant questions to which people can easily weigh in on and when you generate responses, answer them.

If you would like some more advice about how best to elevate and manage your business Social Media presence you can request a free 1-2-1 with a one of our Social Media Digital Marketing consultants.