Google Shopping ad listings appear directly underneath the search and under the ‘Shopping’ tab. We run these successfully for many e-commerce businesses using our Google Ads Management services.

For anyone that’s selling products online this is definitely a campaign you should try, and here’s why:

Google Shopping ads display at the very top of search results, above a standard search ad or any organic listings.

Although search ads are effective, for product listings this means that your ad has the ability to stand out at the very top of the page. Not only that, but product information is also displayed such as product name, price etc. These listings then link directly through to the page on your website, where the user can buy the product.

The searches that trigger shopping ads are product specific.

The user may have already done research or know what they need, and therefore are closer to making a purchase decision. They may be actively looking to buy and as such the conversion rate can be higher.

You can display multiple products from a single campaign.

You can load every product from your site onto one Google Shopping feed and from there analyse which products are generating the best return on investment within your campaign and start to segment/split your budget accordingly. By doing this you can refine your campaign down its most profitable level.

Unlike search ads, hours of keyword research aren’t required to run a successful shopping campaign.

It’s always recommended to include relevant keyword phrases in your feed i.e. title, description etc. But you do not have to generate a list of specific keywords to feature within an ad group. Google will use the information listed within your feed, so again it’s very important to make sure this is optimised but it doesn’t require a list of keywords in order to run.

Google Shopping ads feature a product image.

This immediately grabs the attention of user far quicker than a generic text ad. Also, if the image appears directly relevant to the product the user is looking for, they’re more likely to click and land on a page where they can buy directly.

Overall, the whole process is very user-friendly.

Right from the search, the user is displayed with a list of relevant products and prices along with eye-catching images and they are then taken directly to the product page. This means from the search itself, the user is only 3 clicks away from adding to cart. The conversion process is far more streamlined, and your customer is less likely to get annoyed trying to find what they’re looking for on your website.

Many of your competitors may not have Google Shopping listings and for this reason, it’ll help you stand out.

Even if your competitor ranks higher than you organically, your product can appear above them detailing price, image and product specification.

Automatic updates.

Once your Google Shopping feed is setup within Merchant Centre, you can trigger a scheduled fetch directly from your website on a daily basis so that your product inventory updates accordingly, and you don’t spend money advertising items that are no longer in stock.

You can still use negative keywords to refine your campaign.

Within Google Analytics, you can review search queries and see which phrases have triggered your ads. If for any reason these are less relevant or generating a lower conversion rate, you can add these to Google Ads as negative keywords and this tells Google not to display your ad for a particular search in order to improve your return on investment.

You’ll generate more clicks on a mobile device.

Under the Google search, Shopping campaigns typically take up the majority of the screen. This means that if you aren’t using a Google Shopping campaign, your potential customer will almost definitely have to scroll past your competitors in order to find you.

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