It’s time to meet another member of our team here at InSynch!

We sat down with Lauren, our Digital Marketing Executive and copywriting expert to chat all things Digital Marketing. If you’re looking for Social Media hints and tips for your business, you’ll want to keep reading! Why not chat to an expert 1-2-1 too? We offer FREE consultations with our experts so you have the opportunity to ask any Digital Marketing questions you may have – book in now!

Introduce yourself and your role here at InSynch!

I joined InSynch as a Digital Marketing Executive in early 2021, and have been fortunate to work across a diverse range of projects since starting. A truly fantastic aspect of working for InSynch is that each day really is different – as cliché as it sounds! My role as a Digital Marketing Executive means that I get the opportunity to manage a variety of client accounts as well as formulating bespoke digital marketing strategies designed to meet the specific objectives of those businesses. It’s a job that certainly keeps me on my toes, but also provides endless scope for growth and learning, so I really wouldn’t have it any other way!

Prior to starting with InSynch, my background was predominantly in content writing and Search Engine Optimisation for eCommerce businesses. Having also worked in a dual editorial and marketing role for a large London publishing house, it’s been especially great to channel my copywriting abilities into all sorts of contexts at InSynch; such as writing website content for a food delivery business, and even generating articles for an electronics manufacturing company.

What has been your digital marketing ‘peak’ over the last 3 months?

It’s been a hugely rewarding experience to work with an eCommerce clothing business that approached InSynch in the middle of 2021, shortly after starting up. After working alongside the business to develop a holistic digital marketing strategy for them, we’ve boosted sales, increased website traffic and helped to target new and engaged audiences using a range of tailored techniques. We’ve successfully worked on areas such as paid advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, search engine optimisation and, more recently, email marketing, to achieve their business goals.

My digital marketing ‘peak’ has without a doubt been to play a role in helping this business flourish and expand, despite the overwhelming challenges being faced during the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Are there any digital trends or launches businesses should be aware of?

I would say one of our most commonly asked questions at InSynch is: ‘What can I do to improve my engagement on social media?’ I’m sure our Social Media expert, Charlie, will agree that we get asked this A LOT. If your business has a social media presence, or indeed you’re trying to grow one, make sure you are factoring in interactive and dynamic content into your 2022 strategy. In 2021, we’ve seen video marketing continue to top the charts as the most engaging and effective type of content your business can put out, but given the huge potential of dynamic formats, this is only expected to grow next year.

Not sure where to start? Why not try out an Instagram poll, hold a Q&A session or try your hand at filming Instagram Reels? Alternatively, interactive guides or infographics with animations to illustrate key points can also be a great option given their visually engaging nature. Remember our top tip: entertainment, personality and authenticity should always be your priority over commerce. Brand awareness and engagement rather than hard and fast-selling are the keys to successful engagement and reach on social media.

What’s been your biggest InSynch Achievement of 2021?

From a personal point of view, it’s been a huge achievement to help businesses discover how our digital marketing strategies can transform their business. That being said, we very much place emphasis on drawing on the various specialisms and skillsets within the InSynch team. As a business, we ourselves are continually learning, developing and growing behind the scenes to ensure we are delivering the latest, innovative and sophisticated digital marketing techniques to our clients. It’s invaluable to be surrounded by a great team of experienced professionals, who have been integral to my own digital marketing development.

What’s been your favourite Digital Marketing campaign of 2021 and why?

The campaign that takes the win for me has got to be the #FreeCuthbert campaign launched by Aldi in response to M&S’s claim of trademark infringements over the legendary Colin the Caterpillar cake. Who doesn’t love a classic ‘battle of the brands’ style campaign?

If you’re active on social media platforms, I likely don’t need to explain the details of the Colin Vs Cuthbert campaign, but it pretty much dominated the Twitter-sphere and became a campaign to be envied by social media managers everywhere. From witty reworkings of M&S’ slogan and relentless tweets mocking of the lawsuit, it really was a powerful marketing masterclass that added a personable feel to Aldi’s brand voice that people respond to. It was never confirmed to what extent this affected the supermarket’s sales, but one thing is for certain, brand awareness and engagement no doubt skyrocketed.

It comes back to the age-old question: is there such thing as bad publicity?